Do you want to achieve a beautiful smile without worrying about metal brackets and wires? Invisalign® clear aligners are an increasingly popular option for straightening teeth. While clear aligners offer many advantages, knowing how to care for them properly is essential to ensure the most effective treatment. Read on to learn all you need to know about caring for your Invisalign aligners!

Clean Your Aligners Daily

To maintain your orthodontic aligners in the best possible condition, cleaning them is essential. Daily cleaning will help prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria and ensure that they remain hygienic and intact throughout your treatment.

To keep your Invisalign clear aligners clean, rinse them in lukewarm water and gently brush them with a soft toothbrush. Avoid using toothpaste, as it can scratch the surface of the aligners. Instead, use a mild antibacterial soap or Invisalign cleaning crystals specially designed for this purpose. Soak the aligners in the cleaning solution for about 15 minutes, then rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water. Clean the aligners at least twice daily before putting them back in your mouth. By taking a few minutes each day to clean your aligners, you can enjoy a more comfortable and successful orthodontic experience.

Brush & Floss Your Teeth

It is highly recommended that you brush and floss your teeth before and after wearing the trays to effectively reduce plaque accumulation on your teeth. This simple routine can help maintain the cleanliness of your teeth and prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay and other oral health issues. So, brush your teeth thoroughly and floss consistently to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Store Aligners in Their Case

When not in use, store your clear aligners in their designated case. This keeps your Invisalign trays secure and protects them from potential damage or wear and tear if left out in the open. By taking this simple step, you can maintain the quality and condition of the trays throughout treatment.

Avoid Eating & Drinking While Wearing Aligners

Avoid consuming anything other than plain water while wearing clear aligners. Food and beverages can stick to the aligners and cause discoloration, odor, and damage. Therefore, remove your aligners and store them in their designated case during snacks and mealtimes. This will help keep your Invisalign trays clean, hygienic, and functional, ensuring your orthodontic treatment goes smoothly and efficiently.

Attend Regular Orthodontic Appointments

Throughout Invisalign treatment, you’ll meet with your orthodontist periodically to receive new clear aligners and ensure that treatment goes well. Attending regular appointments can help our orthodontist identify and address potential issues promptly, leading to a healthier and more confident smile. Also, regular appointments are one way to ensure that your treatment is on track.

Smile Confidently with Clear Aligners

Are you considering clear aligner treatment but need help figuring out where to start or feel overwhelmed by the idea of orthodontic treatment? If so, text or call (817) 236-7846 for more information about Invisalign treatment in Fort Worth. Dr. Ciro Cabal and the Lake Country Orthodontics team look forward to helping you start your journey toward a healthier, more beautiful smile through clear aligner therapy.

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