Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX

Depending on your jaw alignment, surgical orthodontics can help you achieve desired results. Unlike traditional braces, this individualized approach uses surgery to correct advanced cases of misalignment, giving even the most severely misaligned smiles a chance at beautiful transformation.

At Lake Country Orthodontics, Dr. Ciro Cabal can cover everything from understanding surgical orthodontics to exploring why it might suit your unique dental needs at your initial consultation.

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What is orthognathic surgery?

Orthognathic surgery is a type of surgery that is performed to correct irregularities in the jaw and face. This surgery can be done for various reasons, including correcting misaligned teeth, imbalanced jaws, or improving the overall appearance of the face.

During orthognathic surgery, the bones of the jaw and face are repositioned to create a more symmetrical and balanced appearance. While this surgery may sound overwhelming, it can have life-changing results for patients with jaw and facial irregularities. Orthognathic surgery requires careful planning and coordination between our orthodontist, the surgeon, and the patient’s other healthcare providers, but its benefits can be endless.

Partnering with Local Oral Surgeons

Before undergoing the surgery, it’s essential to visit an orthodontist first. Our orthodontist evaluates the condition of your teeth and jaw, which helps determine the best surgical procedure approach. They also better ensure that your teeth are aligned correctly and create a customized plan for your treatment.

After visiting our office, Dr. Cabal can recommend you to a local oral surgeon for consultation and further treatment. Both doctors work together to provide comprehensive care throughout your orthodontic treatment, better ensuring you have a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, leading to the best possible outcome.

How Orthognathic Surgery Works

Orthognathic surgery is a complex surgery that requires a skilled oral surgeon and an orthodontist to work together as a team. The first step is a consultation at an orthodontist’s office to evaluate the patient’s teeth, jaws, and facial structure, and a comprehensive treatment plan is created to correct the bite issues.

Orthognathic surgery involves making precise cuts in the jawbone and repositioning it to the correct position using bone plates and screws. After surgery, the patient must follow a strict recovery plan that may include a liquid diet, wearing elastics, and frequent orthodontic appointments to ensure that their bite is aligned correctly. While the recovery process can be challenging, the result is worth it as it can improve a patient’s ability to speak, chew, breathe, and smile confidently.

Optimize Orthodontics with Orthognathic Surgery

Surgical orthodontics is a transformative procedure that can yield impressive results for people with severe misalignment issues. Are you seeking a way to correct your teeth and considering getting surgical orthodontics? You’re in the right place. Text or call (817) 236-7846 to start your journey to a straighter, more balanced smile.