Summer May Be A Good Time For Braces

Summer May Be A Good Time For BracesSummer can be a great time to explore orthodontics for your child or teens. When school is out, schedules tend to lighten up a little, which can be helpful for planning. It can be a convenient time to begin orthodontic treatment. Summer is usually free of the battles against a busy schedule with homework and extracurricular activities. Getting a consultation for your child’s smile does not mean that treatment is inevitable, but a plan can be created. (more…)

Improved Oral Health With Straighter Teeth

Improved Oral Health With Straighter TeethIf you have a smile that is crooked and misaligned, it may make you feel less inclined to smile. Having a smile that you feel confident showing off may make it more likely that you smile. When you smile, you stimulate nerves in your face that can actually help you feel happier and less stressed. While the appearance of your smile is important (for the reasons listed above), the health of your smile may be even more important. Straightening crooked teeth may improve your oral health by decreasing your risks for gum disease, tooth decay, and damage. gum disease which is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, among other serious health problems. (more…)

Make Your Invisalign Journey Successful

Make Your Invisalign Journey Successful Invisalign can be a great way to straighten your smile without using metal wires and brackets associated with traditional braces. Invisalign gently moves teeth with a series of custom-made aligners made from clear plastic, so they are much less noticeable than braces. If you are already in the midst of your Invisalign treatment or if it is something you are just considering, there are some ways to make your journey more successful. Making sure that your treatment is efficient is a great way to ensure that your smile gets straighter and healthier.  (more…)

Things To Do With Mom This Weekend

Things To Do With Mom This WeekendMother’s Day is this weekend and there are plenty of ways to make it special for the moms in your life. Whether you’re celebrating with your own mother, the mother of your children, or your friends that are moms, there are a lot of options in the DFW metroplex to have fun. Lake Country Orthodontics is so proud to serve the families and the smiles in the Fort Worth area.  (more…)

Tips To Help Your Child Stop Thumb-Sucking

Tips To Help Your Child Stop Thumb-SuckingThumb-sucking is a natural reflex for children to soothe themselves. Infants often suck on their thumbs, fingers, pacifiers, etc. as a way to feel calm or to fall asleep. Did you know that thumb-sucking often occurs when babies are still in the womb? Children usually stop sucking on thumbs or pacifiers between the ages of two and four years old. If they continue to keep the habit when the permanent teeth start to emerge, it can be problematic.  Breaking a pacifier habit is generally a bit easier to break than thumb-sucking because a pacifier can be taken away. We have some tips on how to help your child stop sucking their thumbs(more…)

Should I Use A Lip Balm With SPF?

Should I Use A Lip Balm With SPF?Summer is usually when people start putting sunscreen at the top of mind. However, whenever you are outside, you should think about protecting your skin from the sun’s rays. Along with wearing sunscreen on your skin, you should be protecting your lips with a lip balm containing SPF. SPF stands for “sun protection factor” and it refers to the level of sun rays the protection allows to reach your skin. The higher the SPF, the higher the protection for your skin or lips. Wearing a lip balm with SPF can help you protect the delicate tissues of your mouth against damaging ultraviolet rays.  (more…)

iTero®: Map Out Your Future Smile

iTero®: Map Out Your Future SmileStraightening your smile can be important to be way to keep your smile healthy and a way to restore your confidence in your smile’s appearance. No matter the route you take to straighten your smile, you will need to map out your smile’s future with your orthodontist. Digital technology from the iTero® scanning system allows for your future smile to be visualized and your current smile to be precisely measured. The system allows you to see a 3-D visualization of your smile, which allows for you and your orthodontist to communicate clearly and plan for your smile’s future.  (more…)

Beauty And The Beast At Casa Mañana

Beauty And The Beast At Casa Mañana Casa Mañana Theatre presents Beauty and the Beast Jr. as part of the 2017-2018 Children’s Theatre Season presented by Regions Bank. Casa Mañana Theatre is celebrating its 60th year bringing professional Broadway and Children’s Theatre to Fort Worth in 2018.  The show is sponsored by Frank Kent Cadillac. The live stage adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast tells the story of Belle, a young bookish girl who cares for her father, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped under the spell. The spell will be broken if the Beast can learn to love and be loved. If he does not break the spell, the curse will trap him and his entire household as a beast and inanimate objects forever. There is also a special event called Tea with Belle where guests will be waited on by characters from Beauty and the Beast in the exclusive Reid Cabaret Theatre. This is an add-on event, so you must also have tickets to the show. Tea with Belle will include tea, treats and a meet & greet with Belle! Tickets are on sale now and the show will continue its run through May 13th.  (more…)

Will Invisalign® Fit My Lifestyle?

Will Invisalign® Fit My Lifestyle? The Invisalign® system is a very nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth. Using advanced digital  imaging technology, your Invisalign® treatment is personalized to your smile’s needs. The treatment is done by using a series of clear aligners, each set worn for about two weeks, to gently shift your teeth into position. Throughout the treatment, your teeth will incrementally shift into the desired position that you and your orthodontist discuss. Invisalign® is designed to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, so that straight teeth can be attainable for nearly everybody.  (more…)

Can Certain Foods Help Your Oral Health?

Can Certain Foods Help Your Oral Health?You are probably well aware of the foods to avoid to help keep your mouth healthy: sugary snacks, very hard or sticky candy, etc. But are you aware of the foods that can help provide your teeth with important nutrients and minerals? Your teeth require enough minerals and nutrients to stay healthy and strong enough to defend against harmful oral bacteria and to keep doing their important job of chewing and biting for you. Incorporating certain foods into your diet can help your teeth to receive the important nutrients and minerals that they need. Filling up on healthier foods can also mean that you may feel less inclined to succumb to the less healthy cravings.  (more…)