Straighter Teeth For Patients Of All Ages

Woman holding clear alignersHave you been wondering if your smile could be a little bit straighter? Dental misalignment is a common concern for patients of all ages, but some think orthodontic correction is only available for adolescents. In fact, it is quite regular for adults to experience issues with tooth spacing as the years go by, and seeking treatment can offer both functional and cosmetic benefits. For grown-up patients with professional obligations, Invisalign clear aligners provide a discreet solution for straightening your teeth without impeding upon your appearance.

Your Fort Worth, Tx orthodontist provides an alternative to traditional metal bracket-and-wire braces that helps you achieve the smile you desire. Clear aligners are made from a translucent material that helps avoid any feelings of embarrassment associated with a more conspicuous appliance. By presenting teeth that are easier to clean, orthodontic correction provides a healthier mouth in addition to beautifying your grin! (more…)

Invisalign Helps Correct Misaligned Teeth

Smiling teenager in glasses on white backgroundDoes the idea of seeking orthodontic treatment for your dental misalignment make you feel uneasy? The results of corrective work are appealing to most, but some people hesitate at the idea of wearing a conspicuous appliance throughout the actual treatment process. You may think bright metallic braces appear unprofessional or draw unwanted attention to a smile you may not be proud of in the first place. For this reason, straightening your teeth with a more discreet solution can provide desired results while minimizing their appearance in your mouth.

Your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist is proud to provide an alternative to traditional bracket-and-wire braces with Invisalign clear aligners. With their translucent appearance, clear aligners provide comfort through your correction period by being difficult to see. They gradually move your teeth into a straighter position while offering other benefits not available with wire braces. Invisalign allows you to more easily maintain oral hygiene as they are removable when brushing and flossing. Removing your aligners prevents decay-causing debris from sticking to your appliance at mealtime as well! (more…)

Helping You Treat Crowding Teeth

Teen boy crossing arms smiling pink backgroundWhen your teeth are not properly spaced, this can be more than just a cosmetic problem with your appearance. Dental misalignment contributes to oral health problems when not addressed in a timely manner. This means that exploring your options for orthodontic care can provide multiple benefits in the same treatment. For patients whose teeth crowd, the overlapping of crooked teeth can make their surfaces much more difficult to properly clean. By straightening crowding teeth, you can reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease brought upon by poor oral hygiene. At your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist’s office, we provide treatment to correct your improper bite and allow you to more easily remove bacteria that threaten your oral health. (more…)

Assistance For Your Orthodontic Emergency

Teenage boy smiling on green backgroundSuccessful orthodontic treatment for the spacing of your teeth can take multiple months and sometimes years. This means that any interruption in your treatment schedule can greatly increase the time to completion if progress is reversed. While maintaining patience is important throughout this process, report any emergencies with your orthodontic appliance at once. Common emergencies include consistent pain, loose wires, or physical damage to your alignment device. By addressing these problems, your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist can help you relieve discomfort and prevent them from impacting your progress. When your emergency is handled promptly, you will remain confident gaining your newly straightened smile!


How Orthodontics Helps You Fight Cavities

smiling girl holding a ballWhen you think about fixing problems with the spacing of your teeth, you may focus on how much nicer their straighter position appears. Did you know that orthodontic alignment maintains the beauty of your smile by helping you prevent tooth decay as well? By pulling your teeth into a more desirable position, we allow you to more easily access each surface for proper brushing and flossing. This gives long-lasting oral health benefits by protecting your enamel and preventing its erosion from bacterial buildup. When teeth overlap and crowd, they become hard to reach and cavities may form as plaque builds. By straightening your teeth, you can fight cavity development and increase the beauty of your smile in multiple ways!

At your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist’s office, we offer multiple treatments to correct dental misalignment and support the health of your smile. We can evaluate the severity of your malocclusion and recommend a customized treatment plan. We use both Invisalign® clear aligners and traditional braces to bring your teeth into position and help you prevent decay! (more…)

Tooth-Colored Brackets Offer Discreet Orthodontic Treatment

Young girl in glasses with clear bracesIn our recent blogs, we have been discussing how clear aligner treatment with Invisalign provides an alternative to traditional metal braces. But when your orthodontist determines that your issues with misalignment require a bracket-and-wire solution, modern materials allow you to continue prioritizing discretion. This helps prevent teens and adults alike from delaying treatment when they worry that an unsightly appliance will attract unwanted attention. At your Ft Worth, TX orthodontist’s office, we can improve the function of your bite and straighten your smile with tooth-colored brackets that minimize their appearance in your mouth. By addressing your esthetic concerns during the treatment process, we can ensure you improve your oral health with less hesitation! (more…)

Modern Orthodontics For Your Teen

Teen girl in pink sweaterIf your teenager is developing issues with the poor spacing of their teeth, modern orthodontic techniques can help! While certain kids undergo treatment for misalignment earlier, adolescence is a primary time for preventing problems from becoming worse. Although your teen may look forward to a straighter smile, it is common for them to feel hesitant about the presence of an appliance’s effect on their appearance during treatment. Fortunately, alternatives to traditional metal braces allow your child to receive treatment in a more discreet manner. Your Ft Worth, TX orthodontist offers removable Invisalign clear aligners that minimize their appearance. When the extent of their malocclusion requires a bracket-and-wire solution, we can provide brackets made from a tooth-colored ceramic that matches the enamel of a natural smile. Selecting one of these services can make their adjustment more comfortable as your child receives the smile they desire! (more…)

Improving Your Smile With Invisalign

Smiling young man on grey backgroundWhen you begin exploring all of your options for orthodontic treatment, you will discover that the right solution can have minimal impact on your daily life. Modern technology allows you to correct problems with the spacing of your teeth in a discreet manner. This means that patients who previously felt hesitant to move forward with unsightly appliances can receive the same benefits of a straighter smile! Your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist offers an alternative to traditional bracket-and-wire braces through Invisalign clear aligner treatment. By being difficult to see, but easy to remove, this solution helps patients feel comfortable about their appearance during treatment. As you move through each aligner in your treatment system, your teeth shift gradually into a proper position to give you a more attractive smile. For patients who require a more involved orthodontic solution, we can offer additional appearance-friendly treatments. The use of tooth-colored brackets allows you to blend the look of braces with your natural teeth to minimize the alteration to your smile.


When Misalignment Leads To Tooth Decay

Woman in glasses smiling on white backgroundIssues with the alignment of your teeth are not simply cosmetic concerns. While teeth that have poor spacing can appear rather unsightly, their misalignment also leads to oral health problems such as tooth decay. For this reason, you should make yourself aware of the potential harms of malocclusion and services that provide for its correction. Seeking orthodontic treatment can help you preserve your oral health while dramatically improving your appearance at the same time! When your teeth crowd together too closely or overlap at odd angles, they become far more difficult to properly clean. You may not be able to fit your dental floss or even reach all surfaces of the tooth with your brush. This can lead to cavity formation as plaques build in areas you are unable to clean. By bringing your teeth into alignment, you gain access to more easily cleaning each member of your smile! This means you are less likely to develop signs of decay in the future.

Your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist specializes in the treatment of dental misalignment. We can examine the extent of your malocclusion and develop a treatment plan to support your oral health while providing a more beautiful smile. To bring your teeth into position, we offer both Invisalign® clear aligners and traditional bracket-and-wire braces. (more…)

We Provide Care For Orthodontic Emergencies

Young woman with braces smilingBecause an orthodontic emergency can interrupt your treatment schedule and possibly reverse your progress, report any abnormalities right away! When you have pain from your orthodontic appliance, or they become damaged, this can indicate an emergency. By treating these problems, your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist can resolve discomfort and place your treatment back on track. Feel free to report symptoms whenever they occur, even outside of business hours, so that we can respond appropriately and promptly! (more…)