Exceptional Smiles through Custom Orthodontics

For young children who need interceptive orthodontic treatment, or older patients with severe malocclusion (tooth misalignment), traditional braces with metal brackets and wires may provide the most effective results. However patients who prefer a more esthetically appealing option often qualify for cosmetic orthodontics. For instance, tooth-colored brackets and wires blend in with healthy, natural teeth. Invisalign® consists of clear, acrylic aligners that are custom-designed to fit comfortably and discreetly over your teeth. Whichever option is best for you, we can ensure the accuracy and precision of your treatment by utilizing advanced digital imaging technology, including iTero® digital impressions and advanced CT scanning.

The Value of High-Quality Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is about more than just creating beautiful smiles—straight teeth also contribute to better long-term oral health. When properly aligned, your teeth are easier to keep clean of harmful plaque and tartar, which makes it easier to prevent issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Straighter teeth also improve your bite’s balance, reducing your risks of TMJ disorder, or alleviating the discomfort if you already have it.