How Misalignment Alters Your Oral Health

fort worth treating misalignmentWhen you have uneven teeth, this could lead to greater trouble for your smile than just poor esthetics. For many, this could mean everything from cavities to teeth grinding. However, we have treatments to correct your misalignment, even in childhood or adulthood! In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist talks about how misalignment alters your smile, and how we can help.


Malocclusion And Your Bite Function

It is exciting to know that through orthodontic treatment, you can take on embarrassing problems with your smile. Through corrective work, we can close gaps, straighten out teeth that overlap awkwardly, and generally improve your facial symmetry. What you should know is that correcting malocclusion can also lead to welcome oral health changes, including changes to your bite function. If you currently struggle with an uneven bite, you can face a higher risk for TMJ problems, and you may overwork certain teeth without realizing it. Our Fort Worth, TX orthodontic treatment office can help you move past this problem by providing different options for your aligners. (more…)