Quiz: Your Experience With Orthodontic Care

It can be hard to anticipate what your experience with orthodontic care will be like. After all, your treatment is dependent on your particular needs, which your orthodontist can ascertain during your initial appointment. That being said, you can count on several benefits from having your misaligned smile corrected. Your ability to defend against tooth decay and gum disease will be improved. You can also lower your likelihood of experiencing TMJ dysfunction. If you are worried about how your orthodontic appliance will affect how you look, you can be relieved to learn that cosmetic orthodontics can lessen the effect on your appearance. (more…)

Orthodontic Care For Your Teen

Many teens will undergo orthodontic treatment of some kind. However, while this experience may be a common one, it can still cause some anxieties. Many teens will be particularly worried about how they look during treatment. What you should know is that orthodontic care offers important benefits – sure, a straightened smile has cosmetic advantages, but you also enjoy real oral health benefits. By ensuring your teen’s teeth enjoy the corrections they need, you can reduce their risk for problems like tooth decay and gum disease. This will also help protect them from TMJ dysfunction, a problem that can affect those with misaligned smiles. (more…)

Do You Know What Modern Orthodontic Treatment Can Offer You?

Many people think of orthodontic treatment as just another step on the long pathway from adolescence to adulthood. While it is true that many patients who have their teeth straightened are kids and teens, many adults also come in to enjoy corrective work. If you have left an orthodontic issue unaddressed into adulthood – or if you are expecting your child’s experience to mirror your past adjustment – you may be surprised at how modern technology has changed the orthodontic experience. The way your orthodontist can create images of your teeth (which are used to plan your treatment) has been improved. You also have more cosmetically pleasing options for orthodontic treatment. (more…)

Worried About Orthodontic Care? What You Should Know

Is concern about orthodontic treatment holding you back from correcting your alignment issues? If you are hesitant about having braces (or if you are trying to coax a stubborn child into orthodontic care), having more information can be helpful. One thing you should know is that modern technology can make orthodontic work less involved, and more comfortable. Instead of steel, the arches of braces are now made with a nickel-titanium alloy, which can move for longer periods of time, and will require less manual adjustments. Advances in imaging technology, and other material changes, can offer a treatment that is considerably more comfortable than you are anticipating. (more…)

Working With Your Orthodontist To Address TMJ Dysfunction

Every day you deal with TMJ dysfunction can be marked by discomfort. The problem can stem from several different sources. You may have problems with your jaw alignment because of a flawed bite (a problem often linked to crooked teeth). You might have this pain as the result of stress, especially if you tend to grind your teeth. Others will endure it because of arthritis in their jaw joints, or because of an injury. If you suspect that you are dealing with TMJ-related pain, your orthodontist can help. Advanced digital imaging can be used to examine your jaw, and a special appliance crafted specifically for you can be supplied, which can help correct your alignment woes. (more…)

Is It Too Late For Me To Have My Teeth Straightened?

Having your teeth straightened can make a big difference to how you look. However, the reasons to undergo orthodontic treatment extend beyond the cosmetic. You can actually enjoy a reduced risk for problems like gum disease and tooth decay, and have a more natural, comfortable bite. You may worry that not having your teeth straightened as a child or teen means it is too late. However, what you should know is that your dentist can work with you to make corrections to your dental alignment. If you qualify, you can even have a hard to notice appliance from Invisalign. (more…)

Using Invisalign Aligners To Adjust Your Smile

How do Invisalign aligners manage to correct crooked smiles? What allows them to make corrections you might only expect from traditional bracket and wire braces? It is worth noting that not every patient will be able to have their orthodontic work provided with Invisalign. However, for those who do, the procedure involves a sequence of clear plastic trays. After wearing one aligner for roughly two weeks, you will move on to the next set, and continue this pattern until your correction is complete. In addition to making a less notable change to your appearance, treatment with Invisalign allows you to remove the aligner on your own when you need to clean your teeth, or eat. (more…)

Quiz: The Benefits Of Orthodontic Care

Why do people so often choose to have their smiles adjusted through an orthodontic treatment? The cosmetic benefits can be as obvious as the smile on a person’s face, but there are other advantages. Patients who have poorly aligned teeth can also have misaligned bites, which can lead to troubles with your jaw. By straightening your teeth, you can actually benefit in the form of a reduced risk for TMJ dysfunction. There are also advantages when it comes to preventive dental care, as it can be easier to avoid problems like tooth decay and gum disease. (more…)

Beginning Your Orthodontic Treatment

Starting the process of adjusting your teeth may seem daunting. After all, this is a process that can demand time, and it puts you in an unfamiliar situation. This, of course, is in addition to the concerns you may have about how your smile will look while you undergo orthodontic treatment. What you should know is that improvements in orthodontic technology can provide a more comfortable, more discreet experience for you. With the use of advanced digital imaging technology, a detailed scan of your teeth can be obtained without requiring you to bite into an uncomfortable mold. Advancements have also led to more appearance-friendly orthodontic treatments. Your first appointment can offer valuable guidance, as it serves as your orthodontist’s opportunity to examine you, and give you real insight to what you should expect from your adjustment. (more…)

What Happens If My Teeth Shift Again After Orthodontic Work?

Orthodontic work can make dramatic changes to your smile. For many patients, time with a retainer will be needed to keep those adjustments sustained. Unfortunately, some patients will notice over time that their teeth have begun to move again. This can lead to the frustrating situation of feeling like you need to undergo some kind of orthodontic treatment yet again. If you find yourself returning to the orthodontist, you may be surprised at what has changed. Improved technology can provide detailed images of your teeth, and help you avoid biting into a plastic mold to make an impression of your bite. Depending on how drastically your teeth have shifted, your dentist may be able to make adjustments with Invisalign. (more…)