Community Fun In October

comunity fun octoberThis week, the staff at Lake Country Orthodontics had a pumpkin decorating contest. Everyone brought in some fantastic decorated pumpkins ranging from gumball machines to Star Wars characters. Our patients will vote for their favorite pumpkin throughout the month, and the winner will be announced closer to Halloween. The winner with the most votes will get a $50 gift card as a prize. If you and your family are ready to get in the October spirit, River Legacy Living Science Center in Arlington is hosting After Dark In The Park this weekend.After Dark In The Park is a family-friendly fall festival and fundraiser that features seasonal games and activities. Each night, you and your family can experience a mini-camping scene while listening to professional storytellers or singing karaoke. There will be crafts, children’s games, animal encounters, a pumpkin patch, bounce houses, and chances to win fun prizes. There will even be a free hayride shuttle to take you from the event to the entrance of the center.  (more…)

Benefits Of iTero Scanning

Benefits Of iTero ScanningOrthodontic treatment is customized for your mouth. Before getting Invisalign aligners or an oral splint, there needs to be impressions made of your teeth, mouth, and bite. These impressions are guides for creating a treatment that will precisely fit your needs. Without investments in iTero digital scanning technology, impressions of your mouth needed to be made with a physical mold. The process could be messy, time-consuming, and not very accurate. With iTero digital scanning technology, digital impressions are made of your mouth. These digital scans are much more precise and accurate than traditional molds and impressions.  (more…)

What Is Malocclusion? How Is It Treated?

What Is Malocclusion? How Is It Treated?Occlusion is defined as the position of the teeth when the jaw is closed. ‘Mal’ is a prefix that means ‘bad’ or ‘wrong.’ Malocclusion is a bad positioning of the teeth when the jaw is closed. A bad bite caused by malocclusion can lead to crooked, crowded, protruding teeth, gum problems, temporomandibular joint disorder (commonly known as TMJ), and chronic headaches. It can affect a person’s appearance, speech and/or ability to eat. Malocclusion is the most common reason children are referred to an orthodontist. (more…)

Worried Your Teeth Will Shift Again?

Worried Your Teeth Will Shift Again?Orthodontic treatment can make a dramatic change in your smile, both in appearance and health. Some people fear investing time and money into orthodontic care because they worry that their teeth will shift back into their original position. While some patients may need to use a retainer to sustain the adjustments and some patients may see some shifts, there are options to keep you from undergoing extensive treatment after the first time. Improved orthodontic technology can allow for detailed examinations and Invisalign can offer less invasive options to keep your smile in tip-top shape.  (more…)

The Benefits Of Smiling

The Benefits Of SmilingSmiling and laughing can have a positive effect on your appearance and your outlook. But did you know that smiling be good for your health? When we are children, we find ourselves smiling and laughing all the time. We smile on the playground and sometimes for no reason at all. As we become adults, we may let the stresses of the every day grind take away our joy. Maybe insecurities keep us from smiling; whether it be from crooked teeth or stains. If you have a reason that you are not often smiling, find a reason to correct it because smiling is good for you.  (more…)

Tech Advancements To Help Your Smile

Tech Advancements To Help Your SmileImprovements to orthodontic technology have been made to make orthodontic treatment over time. By investing in modern materials, tools, and techniques, your treatment can be made more comfortable and effective. For example, nickel-titanium-alloy arch wires instead of steel wires can reduce maintenance. The use of imaging technology can provide precision impressions of your teeth and jaw structures. Technological tools like iTero can replace the need of using physical and messy molds to take an impression of your teeth and gums.

Imaging Technology

Imaging technology can produce precise and vivid images of your teeth, mouth, and gums. More traditional methods of taking a physical impression of teeth involved making patients bite into molds. The experience of biting into a sloppy mold could be an unpleasant sensation. Physical molds are also not very exact, so creating treatment based on their dimensions is not very precise. Digital images are more comfortable for the patient, and much more precise ways to create customized treatment.

Cosmetic Improvements

Traditionally, brackets used with braces were metal. The brackets were quite noticeable. Tooth-colored ceramic brackets can be color-matched to the color of your teeth. Ceramic brackets create a more seamless, blended appearance for the braces. Some patients are eligible for treatment from Invisalign, which implements nearly invisible plastic aligners. The aligners are a cosmetically more appealing to many people because they are hardly noticeable when worn.

Accelerated Treatment

The goal of orthodontic treatment is to move teeth into more symmetrical positions. This repositioning requires a shift in the bone and tissues of the jaw. Typically, this shift can take up to two years to complete.  Propel® Accelerated Orthodontics allows that treatment to be completed in almost half of that time. The system stimulates growth and formation around your teeth, allowing for a speedier treatment.

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Tips For Parents Of Teens With Braces

Tips For Parents Of Teens With BracesIt is incredibly common for American teenagers to wear braces these days. Even though this somewhat now normal rite of passage is beneficial to your teen’s oral health, it can be trying and difficult at times. Orthodontic treatment comes with daily responsibilities that your teenager may have trouble adjusting to. As a parent, you may become frustrated or confused as to help them throughout this important treatment. To help you address these concerns, we have compiled a few tips to help you and your teenager get through his or her orthodontic treatment with minimal frustration and anxiety.

Communicate with Your Teenager

Teenagers do not have a reputation of being the easiest people to communicate with nor are they known to be the most responsible. This combination can make it difficult for a parent to find the line between helpful and bossy. While you may need to nudge them a bit to remind them to use a proper tool when brushing or flossing or to remind them to avoid certain foods or to wear their Invisalign aligner, you want to avoid using a commanding tone. Your tone may make them rebel and avoid maintaining their treatment altogether. Setting up reminders on their phone or computer may be a good way to take tone out of it altogther. Find a way to make them feel ownership over their treatment.

Communicate with Your Orthodontist

Depending on the orthodontic treatment, you and your teen will be spending a lot of time with the orthodontist. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and to foster a positive path of communication between your teen and their orthodontist.

Be Prepared

Your orthodontist will walk you through the different types of needs that your teen may need throughout their orthodontic treatment. Supplies may include everything from special tools designed for cleaning around braces to over-the-counter pain medication or oral analgesic to ease sore mouths to snacks like yogurt or ice cream. Having these supplies on hand could make a difference between a bad day and a good day when it comes to your teen’s orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Cabal strives to give your family a smooth experience

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A New Smile With Tooth-Colored Brackets

A New Smile With Tooth-Colored BracketsThe traditional idea of braces may make you think of clunky metal wires and attention-getting brackets, but modern braces make for a bit more seamless smile. Tooth-colored brackets blend in with your teeth, which allows for orthodontic treatment that may make you feel less self-conscious. When your orthodontic needs are too severe for Invisalign, tooth-colored brackets are the next best thing. They can give you the effectiveness of traditional metal braces with a less obvious appearance. If you have been apprehensive about receiving orthodontic treatment because of your appearance, consider tooth-colored brackets.  (more…)

Important Reasons To Straighten Teeth

Important Reasons To Straighten TeethCrooked, misaligned teeth can make a mark on someone’s appearance. A wonky smile can make you feel insecure about showing off your grin to the world. Your confidence is important, but straighter teeth also provide several health benefits over crooked teeth. Straighter teeth are less susceptible to breakage or tooth decay. Crooked teeth can increase your chances of having sleep disorders or frequent headaches. Straighter teeth are easier to clean, which can decrease your risk of gum disease and oral health issues. Crooked teeth can cause speech impediments. No matter your age, crooked teeth should be addressed.  (more…)

Do I Qualify For Invisalign?

Do I Qualify For Invisalign? Many adults need orthodontic treatment, but are worried about the appearance of metal braces. Invisalign is a patented system of custom, clear acrylic aligners that gently reposition misaligned teeth. Invisalign aligners are removable, so they can be removed for eating, drinking, and brushing/flossing of the teeth. Invisalign is a great option for people who have mild to moderate need for orthodontic treatment. Some significant or severe issues may require more traditional forms of treatment, such as braces. Though there are options for severe issues that can minimize the appearance of treatment. How do you know when Invisalign is right for you? (more…)