A Discreet Alternative to Metal Brackets

If the alignment of your teeth needs to be corrected, but you wish to avoid conspicuous metal braces, then Ciro Cabal, DDS, MS and our team may suggest specially designed, tooth-colored brackets. Made from lifelike dental ceramic, the brackets can offer an ideal alternative for patients who need more comprehensive orthodontic treatment than Invisalign®, but still wish for a more esthetically appealing solution than metal braces. Using advanced digital imaging technology, Ciro Cabal, DDS, MS can design a highly effective and discreet treatment according to your unique needs and preferences.

The Advantages of Tooth-Colored Brackets

The biggest advantage of tooth-colored brackets is that they are designed to be undetectable from a distance or in photographs. The ceramic used to create the brackets is tinted to match the color and shade of your teeth to help ensure maximum discretion. However, the more significant advantage is that they provide the same comprehensive tooth realignment that can only be achieved with bracket-and-wire braces.