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Getting to Know the Types of Malocclusion

Many school-age children, as well as adults, are diagnosed with some form of malocclusion, though not everyone always seeks treatment to correct it. There are many types of malocclusion, or misaligned bite, which can range from benign to possibly being a serious concern. Knowing the difference in type can assist in determining whether treatment is… Read more »

What Can Invisalign Do for You?

When thinking of what braces can accomplish, the first thing most people think of is their ability to straighten teeth.  However, modern orthodontics, including Invisalign® clear braces, can do so much more.  Invisalign is a system of clear acrylic aligners that are custom-designed to fit over your teeth, instead of being bonded to them.  Dr…. Read more »

FAQs About Orthodontic Care in Ft. Worth

Dental misalignment is a widespread and common problem. In order to improve the alignment of our smiles, some people will require orthodontic care. Unfortunately, many people dread the thought of receiving a mouth filled with metal braces. Your Ft. Worth orthodontist, Dr. Ciro Cabal, understands your anxiety and offers esthetically pleasing orthodontic care.

Quality Smile Correction for Ft. Worth Residents

A beautiful smile can instill confidence. However, many people feel embarrassed of their smile due to crooked teeth or crowding. At Lake Country Orthodontics, we provide an array of options for correcting uneven smiles. Ft. Worth orthodontist, Dr. Ciro Cabal, provides the latest in quality orthodontic treatment to address misalignment.

Ft. Worth Orthodontist Connects TMJ Headaches and Misaligned Teeth

Do you have a frequently sore jaw that pops or clicks? Do you also have frequent headaches and even migraines? If so, you could be suffering from a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. But what does a disorder in the jaw have to do with headaches or the alignment of teeth? To find out, read the… Read more »

Ft. Worth Orthodontist Discusses the Link Between Headaches and TMD

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? If so, the cause may be a common and serious issue known as TMJ disorder, or TMD. In the United States alone, over ten million people exhibit the symptoms of TMJ dysfunction. At Lake Country Orthodontics, we offer treatment for TMJ disorder. In today’s blog, your Ft. Worth orthodontist,… Read more »

Ft. Worth Orthodontist Offers a Fun Quiz on TMJ

Do you find yourself experiencing frequent headaches or jaw pain? These are both common symptoms of a widespread medical disorder known as TMJ. Patients with TMJ may have difficulty opening their mouths or may even experience discomfort when yawning. In fact, over ten million Americans currently suffer from TMJ disorder. In today’s blog, your Ft…. Read more »

Athletes with Braces Need Protective Mouthguards

Undergoing orthodontic treatment does not require that you put sports on hold. On the contrary, many athletes continue with workouts and games while wearing braces.