Interceptive Orthodontics for Young Children

If your child’s teeth and jaw exhibit improper alignment, then the imbalance can grow increasingly worse unless it is treated early. Known as phased orthodontics, early treatment can help reverse the effects of genetics or habits like thumb-sucking that often contribute to such occlusal problems. Through phased orthodontics, Ciro Cabal, DDS, MS can correct early developmental issues so that your child’s teeth and jaws can develop properly. The first (interceptive) phase also helps make further orthodontic care easier, shorter, and significantly less extensive.

When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

Starting orthodontic treatment before your child’s permanent teeth have completely erupted is typically preferable. It will help prevent your child’s malocclusion from growing worse as the teeth and jawbone continue to develop. Also called phase I treatment, interceptive orthodontic care may involve a variety of fixed and removable appliances, which allow Ciro Cabal, DDS, MS to correct the position and growth pattern of your child’s jaws to create ample room for permanent teeth to erupt properly.