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Be Prepared For An Orthodontic Emergency

What would you do if a wire popped loose in your braces? This is just one example of a serious orthodontic emergency, one that could impact people of all ages wearing braces. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how Fort Worth, TX, residents should respond to common orthodontic emergencies, and when they should… Read more »

Do You Have An Orthodontic Emergency?

Braces and other smile correction options help our Fort Worth, TX, patients enjoy healthier smiles. However, occasionally those with braces may encounter orthodontic emergencies. Let’s take a look at common emergency situations and discuss a few ways to address them prior to seeing us for repair.

Orthodontic Emergencies: A Quick Quiz

August is just around the corner, so we put on our “back to school” hat for just a minute, and made a quick quiz. While undergoing orthodontic care, you may wonder from time to time “Is this normal?” or “Do I need to alert my Fort Worth, TX area orthodontist right away?” If there is… Read more »

Tips To Handle An Orthodontic Emergency

Any orthodontic treatment may take a little getting used to, and in those beginning stages, it is not uncommon to experience a bit of soreness or some minor aches as teeth begin shifting into new positions. When you are unfamiliar with the appliances in your mouth, these aches and pains may be alarming. When it… Read more »

Staying Calm In An Orthodontic Emergency

When an emergency arises involving yourself or your loved one, it can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. The best thing to do during an emergency is to stay calm, cool, and collected. The best way to feel calm is to feel prepared and knowledgeable. An orthodontic emergency is any situation where there… Read more »

Responding To An Orthodontic Emergency

Your braces are constructed with the expectation that they will undergo some pressure. Between daily wear and tear on teeth, and the constant movement that comes from adjustment, durability matters. That being said, problems can sometimes arise. There is no need to panic if you think that your braces have broken. Your orthodontist is available to… Read more »

What is an Orthodontic Emergency?

Orthodontics can correct misalignment and help you enjoy a even, healthier smile. Occasionally however, you may find yourself faced with an orthodontic emergency. What is an orthodontic emergency? Simply put, this refers to any damage that occurs to your braces or appliances, as well as any discomfort that rises from wearing them. When faced with… Read more »

What to Do in an Orthodontic Emergency

Your Fort Worth dentist Dr. Cabal is sensitive to the urgent needs of his patients. If you or your child encounters an orthodontic emergency, he will accommodate you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, read on for Dr. Cabal’s tips for dealing with orthodontic mishaps.