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A Few Conditions Crooked Teeth Makes More Likely

The thing about crooked teeth is that they can affect patients of all ages. In children, the importance of addressing the condition is often more pronounced. If not corrected, their crooked teeth will continue to grow even further out of alignment, affecting many different aspects of their oral health. In adults, however, addressing crooked teeth… Read more »

How Straightening Crooked Teeth Improves Your Oral Health

If your teeth are crooked, then your smile’s appearance might be what bothers you most about them. In fact, many people choose to straighten their crooked teeth in order to improve their appearance smiles, though orthodontic treatment also offers a wide range of additional benefits for your oral health. At our Fort Worth, TX, orthodontic… Read more »

Why Should Misalignment Worry Me?

Do you or a member of your family have crooked or crowded teeth? If so, this could mean more than just poor smile esthetics. In fact, misalignment has been linked to a number of serious oral health complications for people of all ages. In today’s blog, we’re looking at why Fort Worth, TX, residents should… Read more »

How Does Misalignment Impact Your Smile’s Health?

We often talk about correcting your smile’s alignment, recommending everything from clear Invisalign® aligners to cosmetic tooth-colored brackets. But what makes correcting misalignment so important? How do crooked and crowded teeth actually impact the health of smiles in Fort Worth, TX? We’re looking at the ways in which an uneven smile harms the overall health… Read more »

Tips For A Healthier Smile In 2019

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reflect upon the past year and to gear up for the new year. When it comes to your smile’s health, it is never too late to improve it. Dr. Cabal and Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX wants to be your resource for your family’s orthodontic… Read more »

Smile Effects Of Smoking & Vaping

Smile Effects Of Smoking & Vaping

The use of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes for short) is a phenomenon with growing popularity. In Fort Worth, Texas, the use of e-cigarettes, which is known as vaping, is quite popular among young adults. While now it is largely known that cigarettes are bad for your health, many people think that e-cigarettes are a… Read more »

Your Smile’s Affect On Your Brain

Just the act of smiling alone can positively influence your life. It can make you look more confident, which can lead to healthy relationships and better career opportunities. Smiling at someone else can improve their day, too! Putting a smile on your face can also have real physical affects on your brain and body. It… Read more »

Smile Benefits Of Vitamin D

A study published by the National Institutes of Health highlighted the positive effects of vitamin D on oral health. Vitamin D can help with the absorption of calcium to fortify teeth. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can be quite beneficial to gum health. These two qualities mean that vitamin D can help keep teeth strong… Read more »

Is Charcoal Toothpaste Okay For Teeth?

Charcoal, and activated charcoal specifically, are very trendy right now. Charcoal face washes, shampoos, toothpastes, and even charcoal drinking water are quite popular. With the rise of DIY products for your smile, how do you know which ones are safe? When it comes to charcoal, studies have not shown that it is safe for teeth…. Read more »

Bad Habits That Can Affect Your Smile

Living life comes with its challenges. Every day, you probably try your best to eat right, exercise a little, and take time to do right by yourself. Unfortunately, bad habits can sneak into the routine. You might know that some of them can wreak havoc on your smile, but some you may be doing without… Read more »