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Can Certain Foods Help Your Oral Health?

You are probably well aware of the foods to avoid to help keep your mouth healthy: sugary snacks, very hard or sticky candy, etc. But are you aware of the foods that can help provide your teeth with important nutrients and minerals? Your teeth require enough minerals and nutrients to stay healthy and strong enough to… Read more »

Sneaky Seeds Can Be A Smile Problem

If you have ever had an ‘everything’ bagel, then you might understand how easily seeds can get stuck in your teeth. Seeds happen to be in your fruit, bread, yogurt parfait, granola bar, etc. Most seeds are full of nutrients and are generally considered healthy for you. While seeds are beneficial to your health, which is… Read more »

Keeping Healthy Smiles This Fall

‘Tis the season for sweets. Starting in the fall all the way through the holidays, you may find yourself and your family bombarded by sweet temptation. Basic pumpkin spice is everywhere even in a sugar bomb of a morning coffee. Halloween is a holiday almost entirely devoted to candy. How do you make sure that… Read more »

Braces-Friendly School Lunch Ideas

The school year has started and whether you’re the parent of child or teen who wears braces or you yourself have chosen to straighten your smile with discreet adult orthodontics, you’re probably concerned with packing healthy lunches that are easy on sensitive mouths and won’t cause a teeth-cleaning nightmare afterwards. Luckily, despite the common misconception,… Read more »

Eating Healthy with Orthodontics This Holiday Season

Many holiday traditions involve feasting on heaps of delicious foods and eye-catching confectioneries while spending time with family and friends. However, if you have braces you may find it difficult to enjoy the wide variety of delicacies in fear that you may compromise your treatment. Eating healthy with orthodontics is fairly easy, as long as… Read more »

Association Between Vitamin D and Caries?

It’s a well-known fact that vitamin D is good for strong bones, and it is also good for your overall health. It was discovered that vitamin D was good for bones when it helped prevent rickets (a bone disease causing imperfect calcification, softening, and distortion of the bones) in children. Vitamin D also contributes to… Read more »

Plan & Pack School Lunches for Your Braces-Wearing Child

As the new school year begins, so too do the annual stresses of ensuring that your children have everything they need to succeed, and stay healthy in the process. If one or more of your children wear braces, then those preparations should include preemptive dental visits and an orthodontic checkup. Your Ft. Worth orthodontist also… Read more »