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Looking At The Causes Of Misalignment

When you have an uneven smile, this could cause some pretty major problems with health and function. But why do we develop uneven teeth? In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist talks about how misalignment forms, and how we can correct crooked, crowded, and overlapping teeth with cosmetic orthodontics!

Will Misalignment Impact Oral Health?

When you have crooked or crowded teeth, or ones that overlap one another, then this could lead to issues with the appearance of your smile. But could this also threaten health and function too? In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist talks about how misalignment can negatively impact our oral health.

Malocclusion And Your Bite Function

It is exciting to know that through orthodontic treatment, you can take on embarrassing problems with your smile. Through corrective work, we can close gaps, straighten out teeth that overlap awkwardly, and generally improve your facial symmetry. What you should know is that correcting malocclusion can also lead to welcome oral health changes, including changes… Read more »

Why Do I Have Misalignment?

Dental misalignment means your teeth are not in proper alignment, which could impact the beauty of your smile. However, this also leads to issues with your oral health too. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist talks about the causes of misalignment, and why you should consider seeking a solution!

3 Things You Can Blame Crooked Teeth For

The thing about crooked teeth is that they can affect your oral health at almost any point in your life. While malocclusion, or bite imbalance, is often detected and treated in early childhood, it may not appear for many patients until much later in life. By then, adult patients who are told they need orthodontic… Read more »

Clarifying a Few Myths About Tooth Misalignment

Unless you are already undergoing orthodontic treatment (and even if you are), you may have a few misconceptions about crooked teeth and the roles of orthodontic treatment. For example, some people believe teeth only become misaligned in childhood, or that the problems are associated with crooked teeth are merely cosmetic (meaning they only affect your… Read more »

A Few Conditions Crooked Teeth Makes More Likely

The thing about crooked teeth is that they can affect patients of all ages. In children, the importance of addressing the condition is often more pronounced. If not corrected, their crooked teeth will continue to grow even further out of alignment, affecting many different aspects of their oral health. In adults, however, addressing crooked teeth… Read more »

Restoring Bite Balance With Orthodontics

A poor balance in our bite impacts how our teeth fit together and may lead to a number of serious complications, including the onset of TMJ disorder. In order to correct imbalance and treat TMD-related trouble, we may suggest orthodontic treatment. How will our orthodontic systems help patients in Fort Worth, TX, suffering from poor… Read more »

What Are The Types Of Malocclusion?

Are you familiar with the word “malocclusion?” The prefix of the word is “mal-” which means bad. “Occlusion” refers to bite. Put together the word means “bad bite.” The way in which a bite is bad or misaligned is what designates the type of malocclusion that it is. Different types of malocclusion affect the smile… Read more »

3 Reasons To Want A Straighter Smile

Straightening your smile is more than just straightening crooked teeth. Straightening a smile is about adjusting the bite into a proper alignment. The purpose of the adjustment go beyond just wanting everyone’s smile to look like a cookie-cutter Hollywood style. The reasons for wanting a straighter smile involve both your smile’s and your jaw’s health…. Read more »