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How Orthodontics Helps You Fight Cavities

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When you think about fixing problems with the spacing of your teeth, you may focus on how much nicer their straighter position appears. Did you know that orthodontic alignment maintains the beauty of your smile by helping you prevent tooth decay as well? By pulling your teeth into a more desirable position, we allow you… Read more »

Improving Your Smile With Invisalign

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When you begin exploring all of your options for orthodontic treatment, you will discover that the right solution can have minimal impact on your daily life. Modern technology allows you to correct problems with the spacing of your teeth in a discreet manner. This means that patients who previously felt hesitant to move forward with… Read more »

When Misalignment Leads To Tooth Decay

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Issues with the alignment of your teeth are not simply cosmetic concerns. While teeth that have poor spacing can appear rather unsightly, their misalignment also leads to oral health problems such as tooth decay. For this reason, you should make yourself aware of the potential harms of malocclusion and services that provide for its correction…. Read more »

Reliable Orthodontic Service For Your Smile

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Making the decision to correct spacing problems with the alignment of your teeth requires knowing what options are available for your orthodontic treatment. Because issues with spacing span in level of severity, different procedures are available to treat your specific degree of malocclusion. By learning about each treatment, you can select a service that improves… Read more »

Terrific Results With Invisalign Treatment

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Making the decision to begin orthodontic treatment requires knowing what options are currently available. When you desire to correct problems with the spacing of your teeth, Invisalign clear aligners can provide terrific results! This alternative to traditional bracket-and-wire braces corrects your bite in a discreet manner that does not call attention to its appearance in… Read more »

Multiple Options For Orthodontic Treatment

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When you make the decision to begin treating problems with the spacing of your teeth, you should know that multiple techniques are available to address differing degrees of malocclusion. By exploring each service, you can learn which option best serves your esthetic concerns while improving the function of your bite. You should not have to… Read more »

Relieving Jaw Pain With Proper Alignment

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If you currently suffer from constant pain or discomfort in your jaw, correcting poor spacing issues such as large gaps or overlapping between your teeth may offer the relief you desire. While you might associate orthodontic treatment more closely with the esthetic benefits of a straighter smile, properly aligning your bite can alleviate discomfort in… Read more »

Cosmetic Changes Made By Invisalign

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By exploring an alternative to orthodontic work with bracket-and-wire braces, you can find that corrective work can have little impact on your appearance and daily life. Our Fort Worth, TX orthodontic practice offers Invisalign treatment for qualifying patients. A good candidate for Invisalign can feel more comfortable with appliances that are both hard to see… Read more »

Wearing Clear Aligners At The Office

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Does the idea of starting orthodontic treatment make you uneasy? For many, corrective work has appeal, but the idea of wearing conspicuous braces that draw unwanted attention can be less than exciting. One concern you may have is that braces will make you look unprofessional, something that can hurt you in your work life. Taking… Read more »

Starting Your Invisalign® Treatment Now

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You still have time to give yourself or your teen the gift of Invisalign®. Before your 2022 dental benefits expire, you can start a journey to an attractive and misalignment-free smile with a clear treatment option. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist talks about the Invisalign® process.