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How Do We Propel® The Treatment Process?

On average, treatment for misalignment could take between one year and up to two, or possibly more. However, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist is employing advanced technologies to help improve the process of correcting misalignment. One of these systems, the Propel® system, is actually designed to limit how long treatment takes for our teen and… Read more »

Designing Your Orthodontics With Digital Scanning Technology

At one time, the process of creating orthodontics and appliances for patients meant they had to bite down on a mold filled with a gooey and poor-tasting material. Then, the person needed to hold their bite so an impression could be taken and often, the whole process would need to be repeated. Fortunately, your Fort… Read more »

Improving Smiles With Advanced Technology

By addressing poor alignment, we help kids, teens, and adults in the Fort Worth, TX, community enjoy better oral health and a more attractive smile. To ensure we offer treatment with accuracy and precision, we use advanced technology throughout the process. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how these technologies help people enjoy better smiles.

Reducing Your Treatment Time With Propel®

How long does obtaining an even smile take? Depending on various factors, such as age and severity of misalignment, an even smile could be between one and two years away. But what if your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist could reduce this timeframe with advanced technology? In today’s blog, we’re looking at the benefits of Propel®… Read more »

Using Advanced Technology To Propel Your Treatment

When we see teens and adults with misalignment, we may correct the alignment of the smile with clear acrylic aligners or even braces with ceramic brackets. But did you know that we also help accelerate the rate of treatment with the advanced Propel® system? In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist talks about the… Read more »

Is There A Way To Accelerate Your Treatment?

Correcting your misalignment not only improves the beauty of your smile, but also lowers the risk of several oral health complications, including tooth decay and TMJ disorder. However, this process is also a time commitment, as optimal results could take between a year and two to obtain. But in today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX,… Read more »

Using iTero® To Create Orthodontics

Even though we’re currently limiting treatments to emergency situations, we still want to let our Fort Worth, TX, residents know about the technology and treatments we offer smiles both young and old. When we can open our doors again, we would love to help you achieve a more even smile using advanced technology, such as… Read more »

Accelerating Your Orthodontic Treatment

Sometimes, correcting your poor alignment can take a time commitment, with some systems requiring between a year to two years to see optimal results. However, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist can actually employ an advanced piece of technology to help shorten the amount of time you’ll need to wear braces or a set of clear… Read more »

Precision And Accuracy With iTero® Digital Scanning

We often use unique appliances to correct misalignment and to even address oral health problems, such as TMJ disorder. But how do we ensure these appliances fit comfortably and offer treatment with precision and accuracy? To accomplish this, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist may employ advanced digital scanning with the iTero® system.

Correcting Smiles Using Advanced Technology

Your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontic team is ready to help kids, teens, and adults enjoy optimal oral heath by correcting minor and severe cases of misalignment. In order to ensure our aligners, braces, retainers, and other appliances fit comfortably and offer treatment with precision and accuracy, we often employ advanced technology.