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How We Use Digital Imaging Tech To Create Your Aligners

If you have TMJ disorder, we may treat the disorder with a custom appliance. Correcting your uneven teeth could involve the use of a series of clear aligners. But how to do we create these appliances and ensure they fit comfortably and offer treatment with accuracy and precision? Find out how your Fort Worth, TX,… Read more »

Treating Your Smile With Digital Imaging Technology

In order to offer treatment for residents of Fort Worth, TX, with accuracy and precision, we employ advanced technology. As part of the design process for orthodontic aligners, retainers, or even TMJ appliances, we employ  digital imaging technology. How does iTero® help our team create appliances and aligners that fit comfortably and improve smile alignment?

Correcting Smiles With The Help Of Digital Technology

When we see our Fort Worth, TX, patients, we strive to offer them a comfortable experience in our office, and also want to ensure they enjoy streamlined treatment. To shorten treatment times and offer a cosmetic approach to orthodontics that limits discomfort, we implement digital technology. How does iTero® digital scanning and i-Cat technology help… Read more »

Creating Your Orthodontics With Digital Technology

How do we design and create your orthodontics? Whether you have aligners, braces, retainers, or require custom oral appliances, we use iTero® digital technology. We can plan and create your appliances and aligners and offer treatment for Fort Worth, TX, patients.

Creating Your Invisible Aligners With Digital Technology

We employ a number of treatment options and technologies to help our Fort Worth, TX, patients enjoy a more even and healthy smile. In order to design Invisalign® aligners that fit comfortably and offer treatment with precision, we use the iTero® digital scanning system. How does digital technology help correct misalignment?

What Benefits Will iTero® Digital Imaging Offer?

In order to ensure our Fort Worth, TX, patients enjoy optimal oral health and more even smiles, we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments. But how do we ensure your appliances, retainers, and braces fit comfortably and offer smile correction with precision and accuracy? To do so, we recommend iTero® digital imaging technology.

Planning Your Treatment With iTero® Technology

When we examine you and decide your smile benefits from orthodontic treatment, what happens next? Well, we begin by planning your treatment and designing your orthodontic appliances. This means your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist employs advanced technology, such as the iTero® system. How do we plan your treatment using digital scanning technology?

Planning Your Treatment With Digital Technology

Orthodontics help people of all ages enjoy better oral health, targeting and correcting the alignment of the teeth. In order to offer our Fort Worth, TX, patients treatment with accuracy and precision, then we may use digital technology to plan the process. Whether you’re receiving aligners or braces, you may benefit from our advanced technology.

How We Take Impressions In Seconds

Whenever you receive a dental appliance, or braces or aligners, the orthodontist needs to take impressions of your smile. Now, in the past this involved biting down on a sticky mold that despite often being “flavored” was always a poor-tasting and chalky mess. However, we’ve embraced advanced technology to streamline the process and avoid the… Read more »

Using iTero® To Plan Your Treatment

We offer our Fort Worth, TX, orthodontic patients unique and custom-made appliances and braces to correct misalignment and improve oral health. But how do we plan and create these orthodontic treatments? What technology do we use to ensure a comfortable fit and accurate smile correction? In today’s blog, we’re looking at the iTero® digital scanning… Read more »