The Cosmetic Benefits Of Ceramic Brackets

Just because you need braces to enjoy a more even and beautiful smile, doesn’t mean all-metal orthodontics are your only option. For patients in Fort Worth, TX, we may use special brackets made from ceramic to offer a less noticeable solution to misalignment. Find out how we create and place these unique orthodontic brackets, and why you should consider braces to address your uneven teeth.


How Straightening Crooked Teeth Improves Your Oral Health

If your teeth are crooked, then your smile’s appearance might be what bothers you most about them. In fact, many people choose to straighten their crooked teeth in order to improve their appearance smiles, though orthodontic treatment also offers a wide range of additional benefits for your oral health. At our Fort Worth, TX, orthodontic office, we know well the importance of addressing malocclusion – the state of crooked teeth – as soon as possible. Today, we explore why straightening crooked teeth is necessary for maintaining a healthy smile for life. (more…)

Let’s Look At Our Orthodontic Technology

Our goal is to offer our Fort Worth, TX, patients healthier smiles by correcting misalignment and poor bite balance. In order to treat misalignment, as well as TMJ disorder and other issues related to your smile’s balance and alignment, we employ orthodontics. As part of our approach, we create these orthodontics and plan treatment with advanced digital technology.


Things that TMJ Therapy Can Help You With

Temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are the cornerstone of your bite’s movement. The two large joints, which are located on either side of your face, are the hinges that your lower jaw (mandible) pivots on. TMJ disorder is a condition that involves damage, misalignment, inflammation, or more to one or both of the joints, making your jaw’s movement difficult and painful. At our Ft. Worth orthodontics office, we can help you find relief from TMJ disorder and its chronic symptoms through custom-designed TMJ therapy. (more…)

What Should Kids Expect From A Visit?

We offer care for patients of all ages in Fort Worth, including children! In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the importance of addressing orthodontic issues in early childhood, as well as the treatment options we provide. We’re also going to discuss our Kids’ Space and the steps we take to ensure our young patients feel comfortable and enjoy their experience at the office.


Let Us Know About Your Orthodontic Emergency!

If you wear braces or have aligners, then you know that sometimes accidents happen. An aligner may become cracked or broken, wires in metal braces can become loose. Responding to these situations is key for avoiding serious discomfort or other complications. In today’s blog, we’re looking at common orthodontic emergencies and suggesting options for responding to them. We’re also advising patients to always take time to visit their Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist for repair.