Decoding Orthodontic “Dental Speak”

DecodingOrthodonticDentalSpeakYou might mention “crooked teeth” to a friend, or know someone who “grinds their teeth” and wakes up with an “aching jaw.” Dentists and orthodontists (who have additional study, practice and training in the alignment of teeth) have a sometimes-sophisticated vocabulary that allows them to accurately discuss their specialty. If you are ever unsure of a condition, treatment, or explanation, we will be glad to take the time to explain it to you. We strive to anticipate your orthodontic questions, and we are happy to help you decode orthodontic terms. Please ask if you are even unsure of a term we use. (more…)

FAQs: Do I Need TMJ Therapy?


TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, affects over ten million people in the United States. The symptoms can be very uncomfortable and the disorder may eventually make opening and closing the mouth difficult. However, we can offer treatment for this common oral health problem. Do you need TMJ therapy?


Test Your Invisalign Treatment Knowledge

clearbracestrayholdIf you have been considering Invisalign treatment to align your smile, you may think you know all there is to know about this orthodontic solution. Then again, you may hope you know all the facts but may be starting to worry about whether this is the best choice for you. Rest assured, we provide our patients with the treatments most appropriate for their needs. However, we understand that you like to feel informed when it comes to major dental care decisions, which is why we have created this quiz. By testing your knowledge you can find out how much you know, learn a thing or two, and find it much easier to make a final decision.


Malocclusion Variations

man checking for malocclusionAt some point in your life, you may notice that your teeth do not completely line up properly, and you may be wondering if you need to seek treatment. Malocclusion is commonly diagnosed in children and young adults, and often requires some form of orthodontic treatment for correction. There are several different classifications for the types of misaligned teeth, and in some cases, correction is only performed for cosmetic reasons. There are many causes of crooked or misaligned teeth, and in most cases there is no form of prevention. (more…)

A Quick Guide to Cosmetic Orthodontics

woman showing her tooth colored fillingsWhen you look in the mirror and examine your smile, how does it make you feel? Are there some minor things you would like to change? Maybe if your front teeth were just a little more aligned you would feel more confident in social situations; or quite possibly you have wished for straighter teeth your entire life. Cosmetic orthodontics can help solve these problems, and more, through various treatment options that will help you achieve the beautiful, youthful, smile of your dreams. (more…)

True/False Quiz About Crooked Teeth

quiz about crooked teethIf you wore braces as a child, then you’re probably familiar with the complications that can arise from crooked teeth. As an older teen or adult with crooked teeth, however, the prospect of metal braces may trump any warnings about not straightening your teeth. If you’re considering straighter teeth to improve your confidence in your smile, then wearing metal braces can seem contradictory to your goal. Unfortunately, straight teeth are more than a mere cosmetic concern.   (more…)

FAQs: Do You Need Invisalign?


If you have uneven teeth, then you understand how misalignment can make one feel self-conscious or even lead to discomfort. In order to straighten your teeth, you will need orthodontic treatment. In recent years, Invisalign has become a popular choice for addressing alignment issues. Do you need Invisalign? Who qualifies for this unique and innovative treatment?