Helping Correct Your Crowded Teeth

Curly hair girl smiling wearing braces on pink backgroundWhen most people think about receiving orthodontic treatment for their teeth, they may focus on the esthetic benefits of a straighter smile. A more eye-pleasing grin can greatly improve your self-confidence, making you eager to show it off to others, but did you know that this therapy can significantly improve your health? When teeth are not properly aligned, you risk damage unless you address this problem promptly. When your teeth crowd, this condition makes it much more difficult to properly clean them and can lead to increased cases of decay and gum disease. This means that straightening them helps you improve your oral health by allowing you to reach the entire surface of your tooth when brushing and flossing. At your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist’s office, we can examine your smile to tell if your teeth are crowding. When appropriate, we provide treatment to bring your bite into the correct position granting both desirable cosmetic and functional improvement!

Straightening Your Teeth Offers More Than Cosmetic Improvement

The effects of dental misalignment are much more than visual. When your teeth crowd or overlap with one another, orthodontic treatment can resolve your embarrassment with their appearance, but the benefits to your health are great as well. This is because bacterial deposits that turn into plaque and tartar can hide in the crevices where teeth crowd. You may think you are fully cleaning your teeth each morning when you brush, but the hidden deposits continue to produce acids that wear away at your enamel. This can eventually cause cavities or lead to infection of your gum tissues. Let this reason motivate you to seek treatment if you experience problems with crowding!

Multiple Solutions For Straighter Teeth

At Lake Country Orthodontics, we understand the desire for discretion when correcting the position of your teeth. This is why we offer multiple corrective solutions that minimize disrupting your appearance when you seek treatment. Depending upon the severity of your malocclusion, we can determine if Invisalign clear aligners are appropriate for aligning your teeth. Made from a translucent, BPA-free material, clear aligner therapy gradually shift each tooth into your desired outcome without being seen by others. The ability to remove your aligners allows you to continue performing your regular oral hygiene practices throughout treatment!

If your crowding issues require a more traditional approach, we can place tooth-colored brackets when installing your braces. Modern dental ceramics allow us to match the shade of your bracket to your enamel to provide comprehensive correction with a discreet look. Tooth-colored brackets are practically undetectable at a distance or when viewed in photographs.

Talk To Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Treatment For The Improper Spacing Of Teeth

If you have problems with the crowding of your teeth, we can provide treatment to bring them into a desirable position. A straighter smile can inspire pride while supporting your hygienic efforts. For more information or to book a consultation, call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX, today at (817) 236-7846.