Esthetically Pleasing Aligners For Teens

Smiling teen girl in white shirt on white backgroundProblems with the spacing of their teeth are common for many teenagers. While some kids undergo orthodontic treatment early in adolescence to correct issues with their alignment, these concerns are often addressed later in their teen years. While the esthetic benefits of a straighter smile are obvious to most, your teen may feel hesitant to wear braces because of their conspicuous look during treatment. Luckily, an alternative to traditional bracket-and-wire orthodontics provides the same results in a more discreet manner!

At your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist’s office, we can adjust your child’s smile with the use of Invisalign clear aligners that minimize its appearance in their mouth. This option for straightening teeth can help your teen feel confident during treatment while delivering the results they desire!

Discreetly Correcting The Alignment Of Your Teen’s Smile

Orthodontic treatment for your teenager’s teeth can make them proud of their smile while improving their oral health at the same time. This is because problems with malocclusion can increase their risk for TMJ disorder. Furthermore, when teeth are crowded together, they are harder to clean and can increase your child’s risk of developing cavities and gum disease. While informing your teen of these risks is important, they may still feel uncomfortable with the idea of wearing traditional braces. This is why seeking a discreet alternative best helps obtain the benefits of a straighter smile. When your child is more eager to seek treatment with an inconspicuous option, they can feel happier with the overall experience of adjusting their smile.

Adjusting Adolescent Smiles With Invisalign Clear Aligners

We can evaluate the extent of your teenager’s misalignment to determine if they are a candidate for Invisalign clear aligner treatment. This solution can help teens bring their teeth into a better position just like their adult counterparts. Invisalign’s translucent appearance means your child can keep the decision to correct their smile to themselves or let others know on their own terms. The removability of Invisalign’s trays offers important hygienic benefits as well. Your child can simply remove Invisalign when brushing and flossing to access the entire surface of their teeth. The lack of permanent wires or brackets means that debris from their meals will not stick and increase the risk of decay during treatment.

Speak With Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Esthetically Pleasing Orthodontic Aligners For Your Teen

When your teenager is sensitive about their appearance, orthodontic correction may sound unappealing. Fortunately, there are alternatives to traditional braces that reduce the effect that treatment has on their look! We can discuss how Invisalign clear aligners help your teen show off a straighter, more confident smile. If you would like to find out more, call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 236-7846.