Improving Your Smile With Invisalign

Smiling young man on grey backgroundWhen you begin exploring all of your options for orthodontic treatment, you will discover that the right solution can have minimal impact on your daily life. Modern technology allows you to correct problems with the spacing of your teeth in a discreet manner. This means that patients who previously felt hesitant to move forward with unsightly appliances can receive the same benefits of a straighter smile! Your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist offers an alternative to traditional bracket-and-wire braces through Invisalign clear aligner treatment. By being difficult to see, but easy to remove, this solution helps patients feel comfortable about their appearance during treatment. As you move through each aligner in your treatment system, your teeth shift gradually into a proper position to give you a more attractive smile. For patients who require a more involved orthodontic solution, we can offer additional appearance-friendly treatments. The use of tooth-colored brackets allows you to blend the look of braces with your natural teeth to minimize the alteration to your smile.

Exploring Convenient Solutions To Correct The Spacing Of Teeth

Orthodontic treatment helps you correct and prevent problems that arise when your teeth are poorly spaced. In addition to enhancing your cosmetic appearance, a straighter smile can fix oral health problems that arise when teeth are not evenly aligned. When teeth overlap or crowd, they become harder to clean and can lead to an increased prevalence of decay, cavity formation, and gum disease. This means that seeking orthodontic therapy provides robust health benefits by allowing you to more easily brush and floss your straighter teeth.

Receiving Treatment With Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign treatment allows you to bring your teeth into a desirable position without the use of metal, wires, brackets, or bands. Made from a translucent BPA-free material, each aligner tray fits to your teeth in a discreet manner that others can barely notice. This service addresses the same concerns as traditional orthodontics while allowing you to more easily clean your teeth. Because they are removable, you do not need to worry about food particles attaching to your appliance at mealtime.

Discreet Orthodontic Care With Tooth-Colored Brackets

When we determine that your malocclusion is best served by bracket-and-wire braces, we a conservative treatment option that prioritizes discretion. Tooth-colored brackets use a custom ceramic material to blend in with the appearance of your natural teeth. They allow you to receive comprehensive realignment while being undetectable at distance or when photographed.

Speak With Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Invisalign Treatment!

Deciding to fix problems with the spacing of your teeth offers improvement to both your looks and oral health! Invisalign clear aligners provide this adjustment in a discreet manner that minimizes attention. If you would like to find out more, call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 236-7846.