Helping You Treat Crowding Teeth

Teen boy crossing arms smiling pink backgroundWhen your teeth are not properly spaced, this can be more than just a cosmetic problem with your appearance. Dental misalignment contributes to oral health problems when not addressed in a timely manner. This means that exploring your options for orthodontic care can provide multiple benefits in the same treatment. For patients whose teeth crowd, the overlapping of crooked teeth can make their surfaces much more difficult to properly clean. By straightening crowding teeth, you can reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease brought upon by poor oral hygiene. At your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist’s office, we provide treatment to correct your improper bite and allow you to more easily remove bacteria that threaten your oral health.

Crowding Teeth Are More Than An Issue With Your Appearance

When your teeth overlap and become crooked, they have a less-than-flattering effect on your smile. An individual tooth may jut forward or recess behind its neighbors. While feeling embarrassed may cause some patients to seek treatment, others may ignore what they think is simply a cosmetic issue. Because this is not the case, you should know the health impacts of crowding teeth. Plaque and tartar deposits can build in covered spaces that are not reachable by your brush. This can lead to cavity development and gum disease when insufficiently cleaned. Improper alignment can also cause uneven wear on teeth that take a disproportionate amount of force from your bite.

Straightening Teeth With Appearance-Friendly Orthodontics

We can straighten your teeth with a modern appliance that minimizes disruption in your everyday life. Corrective work can take into account your desire for discretion when selecting your orthodontic therapy. We can evaluate the severity of your spacing issues and determine if Invisalign clear aligners are suitable for your needs. Invisalign can straighten your smile without being noticed by others over your treatment period. Because they are removable, you can keep up with your oral hygiene without impediment to brushing and flossing. This helps you fight decay and gum disease both during and after treatment!

For patients whose crowding is best served by bracket-and-wire braces, we provide discretion with tooth-colored brackets. By using a lifelike dental ceramic, this alternative to metal brackets blends in with the natural appearance of your enamel. This solution provides comprehensive correction with a less conspicuous look.

Speak With Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Treatment For The Improper Spacing Of Teeth

Orthodontics addresses both aesthetic and functional concerns when you experience overcrowding. Our office can evaluate your smile and determine which therapy is best for you. To learn how we make improvements to your appearance while caring for your oral health, call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 236-7846.