When Dental Misalignment Causes Cavities

Business woman smiling white backgroundProblems with the spacing of your teeth are often thought of as a simple esthetic concern, but did you know that dental misalignment can contribute to the development of tooth decay as well? In addition to giving you a much more beautiful smile, treating the poor spacing of your bite can provide long-lasting improvement to your oral health as well. When your teeth overlap with one another or crowd too closely, they can become seriously difficult to properly brush and floss. After a while, cavities can form as food debris and bacteria create plaque in the areas that are hard for you to reach. This means straightening your teeth can support the fight against decay and increase the quality of your grin in more ways than one!

Your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist offers multiple solutions to support your smile and care for the health of your entire mouth. Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® clear aligners or traditional braces can help you correct the alignment of your teeth to benefit both your appearance and well-being. Prevent the buildup of plaque and subsequent tooth decay by easing the ability to clean your teeth!

Bacterial Growth Leads To Cavity Formation

Any problems that prevent you from adequately cleaning your teeth on a daily basis can contribute to developing cavities. When your teeth overlap or crowd, you may find it difficult to apply your toothbrush and floss the entire surface of your teeth. Areas that you neglect to clean can gather bacterial colonies that produce acid that wears away at the enamel. Eventually, damage to your enamel will form tiny holes that compose cavities and threaten the health of your entire tooth. Cavities can lead to infections of the pulp that require root canal treatment or even full extraction when not enough healthy material remains. To prevent damage to your smile, seek treatment for alignment problems that prevent proper oral hygiene.

Orthodontic Solutions For A Straighter Smile

Your orthodontist can evaluate the extent of your misalignment and provide appropriate therapy to bring your teeth into a harmonious position. Our practice offers braces with tooth-colored brackets that provide an esthetically pleasing appearance that can match the color and shade of your teeth.

Invisalign® clear aligners are another fantastic option for addressing dental misalignment. We can provide a series of trays that gradually adjust the spacing of your teeth. This solution provides additional benefits to preventing tooth decay by being easy to remove when it is time to brush and floss.

Talk To Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Alignment Solutions To Prevent Tooth Decay

Treating poorly spaced teeth can help you maintain your oral health while improving the look of your smile. When teeth overcrowd, areas that are difficult to clean may develop decay from the buildup of plaque. Alignment treatment allows you to properly access the spaces between teeth for appropriate cleaning. To learn how we can help improve your appearance while maintaining your oral hygiene, call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 236-7846.