Multiple Options For Orthodontic Treatment

man holding clear alignersWhen you make the decision to begin treating problems with the spacing of your teeth, you should know that multiple techniques are available to address differing degrees of malocclusion. By exploring each service, you can learn which option best serves your esthetic concerns while improving the function of your bite. You should not have to worry that the appearance of your orthodontic appliance itself will negatively impact your smile over the treatment period. Your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist understands the importance of discretion when straightening teeth and provides cosmetic focused options that will not draw attention during treatment. This can help reduce the impact on other aspects of your life by not allowing your appliance to become an unwanted distraction when interacting with others.

Orthodontic Treatment Solutions Beyond Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional bracket-and-wire metal braces have provided effective corrective work for decades. However, some patients may hesitate to seek treatment with metal braces because of the noticeable impact they have on the appearance of your smile. In particular, adults with professional obligations may feel nervous about the effect metal braces have upon their demeanor at work. Fortunately, our practice offers multiple orthodontic treatments that provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance during the treatment period while addressing the same goals.

Clear Aligners Discreetly Straighten Your Smile

When you select Invisalign® clear aligners for orthodontic care, you can fix the spacing of your teeth while avoiding the complications of a fixed alignment solution. Invisalign® gradually brings your teeth into proper position with a sequence of multiple clear aligner trays that we will provide. Because you can easily remove and place them at will, clear aligners do not require us to place permanent brackets upon the front of your teeth during the adjustment period. Their removal also provides for easily maintaining your oral hygiene routine as you simply take them off before brushing and flossing. This discreet solution is ideal for patients who want to seek treatment undetected by others.

Tooth-colored Brackets Provide An Advantageous Alternative

When we determine that the alignment of your teeth would be best corrected with a bracket-and-wire appliance, we can use tooth-colored brackets to avoid conspicuous metal braces. Using a custom ceramic material, we can match the shade of the bracket to your natural enamel to properly blend in. This makes your treatment harder to notice by others while providing the significant benefits of comprehensive realignment.

Speak With Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Alternatives For Orthodontic Treatment

Selecting the appropriate orthodontic technique can make you more amenable to treating spacing problems with your teeth. We can provide a personalized approach to your adjustment that offers a high degree of discretion throughout. If you would like to learn more about our services and schedule a visit, call your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist’s office today at (817) 236-7846.