Daily Life During Your Orthodontic Work

woman with bracesThe results of orthodontic treatment are important. By having uneven teeth repositioned, you can improve your smile, and you can also take on oral health risks linked to malocclusion. With that said, your time during treatment is also important. Many people feel uneasy about even mentioning an interest in corrective work, as they assume they will need to depend on fixed, unsightly braces.

At our Fort Worth, TX orthodontic practice, we can offer a daily experience with corrective work that is more comfortable. By using ceramic brackets that are tooth-colored instead of metal materials, we can make your time with braces more discreet. This spares concerns about how you will look during important social and professional encounters. If you qualify for treatment with clear aligners, we can make the process even more convenient, as you will depend on a set of appliances that are hard to see and also easy for you to remove on your own.

You May Be Surprised By The Treatment Options Available To You

If you went through orthodontic treatment during your teen years but need to address shifts that occurred later in life, or if you are new to this kind of care, you may carry assumptions about care that are incorrect. Advances in treatment solutions and technology used in care have made remarkable changes. One of those changes actually affects your experience before you start treatment. Our iTero digital scanner makes it easier to evaluate you and plan your treatment. This is because we can capture 3D images that showcase remarkable detail and let us preview the results of treatment. This removes the need for capturing plaster models of your bite, a process that can be uncomfortable.

As you look at your treatment options, you can learn about smile-friendly treatments that make the adjustments you need while still limiting the effect of your appliances on your appearance. Because these options are available, people uneasy about the impression orthodontic appliances will make can feel more prepared to begin beneficial corrective work.

How Clear Aligners And Tooth-Colored Brackets Make Life During Orthodontic Work More Comfortable

Tooth-colored brackets depend on brackets made from ceramic instead of metal. What this does for you is provide a more discreet solution to care while still letting you benefit from the corrections that bracket-and-wire appliances make. We will carefully match the tint of the brackets to your tooth structure to keep your care hard to notice.

For patients who qualify for Invisalign clear aligner treatment, we can make the process of straightening teeth even easier by moving teeth with a set of removable appliances made from a see-through plastic. This can prove more comfortable to wear, and you can appreciate how little effort goes into placing and removing them, making actions like eating and cleaning your teeth more comfortable.

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