Appropriate Techniques For Orthodontic Care

Woman arms crossed smilingWhen you make the decision to begin orthodontic care, modern treatment techniques can improve your experience as a patient. Your Ft Worth, TX orthodontic practice provides a caring environment to improve your smile with a dedicated staff and advanced technology. From the moment you first enter our office to your final appointment, we offer a service that places a premium on your comfort. When you begin treatment, you can do so with an appliance that enhances both your personal appearance and your ability to enjoy an aligned bite. Our office treats patients of all ages and can provide adjustment techniques that value discretion throughout the entire process.

The Correct Technology and Materials To Provide Orthodontic Success

Receiving desirable orthodontic care is determined by different factors. Selecting a practice that prioritizes comfort and makes you feel welcome during visitation can help deliver valuable results. At Lake Country Orthodontics, we help you feel confident with your treatment through use of advanced orthodontic technology and proper materials customized to your individual circumstances. We use digital techniques to help plan the design of your corrective appliance. This technology provides a greater degree of accuracy in creating an image of your teeth without the mess of applying a physical mold. Our different archwire and bracket options allow us to provide more precise orthodontic treatment with fewer adjustments than earlier methods of traditional braces. Clear aligner therapy with Invisalign® can even provide optimal results with no wires or brackets at all.

Advanced Digital Imaging To Create Your Appliance

Our iTero digital scanning technology provides 3D imaging of your oral tissues without any messy molding of your teeth and gums. This provides a cleaner, quicker treatment with powerful precision. By scanning your mouth using a digital wand that emits lasers to take measurements, we can determine the next steps for treatment and provide for the design of your appliance. We use this method to create detailed scans for both Invisalign® aligners and oral splints used to provide TMJ therapy.

Discreet Solutions For Dental Alignment

For image-conscious patients, we offer tooth-colored brackets made from lifelike dental ceramic that avoids the bright appearance of traditional metal bracket material. Invisalign® clear aligner therapy also allows patients to seek straighter teeth in a camouflaged manner. Because they can easily be removed from to your teeth, Invisalign® trays may be removed at mealtime for easier use in your daily life. This alternative also allows you to brush and floss normally in between the hours you wear your appliance.

Speak With Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Treatment For Straighter Smiles

Through the use of the correct techniques and a personalized approach to your adjustment, we can provide a caring experience with orthodontic work. If you would like to learn more about our services, call your Fort Worth, TX orthodontist’s office today at (817) 236-7846.