Appearance-Friendly Aligners For Teens

teen with clear aligners teen orthodontics conceptMany kids have some issues with poor teeth spacing. While some will undergo early orthodontics to address potentially serious alignment problems, these troubles are often addressed during the teen years. As much as they can appreciate having their smiles improved, teenagers may feel self-conscious about braces because of how they look during their adjustment. Fortunately, there are treatment options that make corrective work discreet! Our Fort Worth, TX orthodontic treatment practice provides care with removable Invisalign aligners as well as traditional bracket-and-wire braces that use brackets made from tooth-colored ceramic. Using these options can make the adjustment experience easier while still delivering important corrections for your child’s smile!

Orthodontic Treatment For Your Teen Can Be Discreet

The work to straighten your teenager’s teeth can make them happier with their smile. It can also provide important oral health benefits, as malocclusion raises risks for TMJ disorder, and crowding can make oral hygiene efforts less effective. Unfortunately, people can still shy away from this care due to the perception that it will feel intrusive and embarrassing. If your teen is uncomfortable with the idea of traditional braces, discreet alternatives are available. Both Invisalign clear aligners and tooth-colored brackets make it easier to hide that corrective work is taking place, which can make them happier with their adjustment experience.

Using Tooth-Colored Brackets For Orthodontic Appliances

As an alternative to traditional metal brackets, we can recommend orthodontic work that uses tooth-colored ceramic brackets instead. Using them will help to hide the fact that corrective work is taking place. This means your teen can still undergo care, even if they have more significant spacing problems, while minimizing its impact on how they look.

Is Your Teen A Good Candidate For Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners help many people who need to fix problems with teeth that are not in the right positions. In addition to helping adults whose teeth have shifted later in life and those who want to make relatively minor cosmetic changes, these clear aligners can help qualifying teens. This approach provides more than just discretion. Because each aligner is easily removed, patients do not have to concern themselves with making changes to how they eat or clean their teeth due to the presence of an appliance.

Talk To Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Appearance-Friendly Orthodontic Aligners For Your Teen

Teenagers can be sensitive about appearances, which can make the recommendation of orthodontic work difficult. Fortunately, there are alternatives to traditional braces that minimize the effect that care has on how they look! We can discuss the use of tooth-colored brackets or Invisalign aligners to help your teen show off a straighter, more confident smile. If you would like to find out more, call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 236-7846.