Addressing Your Issues With Teeth Crowding

woman with braces orthodontic treatment conceptThe issues you have with your teeth spacing can be more than just an issue for your appearance. Certain oral health issues can be more likely to affect you if the right corrections are not made, making this more than just a cosmetic matter. For people whose teeth are too close together, crowding can make areas of enamel harder to keep clean. The issue can also lead to difficulties with poor bite alignment. At our Fort Worth, TX orthodontic treatment office, we can recommend solutions that make meaningful improvements while also benefiting your dental well-being!

Teeth That Are Too Close Together Can Create More Than Just Cosmetic Issues

Teeth that are too close together can look uneven and crowded together in less flattering ways. This is a problem that can also cause you to have certain teeth that seem to jut forward or appear recessed. Embarrassment over this issue can motivate people to seek treatment. However, others may choose to ignore the matter. What ignoring it does is leave you vulnerable to potential oral health complications, as spacing difficulties like these can interfere with your bite function and make TMJ problems more likely to affect you. Crowding creates an additional concern—portions of your teeth can be more difficult to clean, making tartar buildup and other problems more difficult to avoid.

We Offer Appearance-Friendly Solutions To Problems With Your Smile

Orthodontic work can straighten teeth that are improperly spaced; with the right appliance, this work can be surprisingly discreet and easy to fit into your life. We can discuss the effectiveness of Invisalign aligners for your specific needs. These appliances are removable and made with a clear material that makes them difficult to see. For people concerned about how they will look during an adjustment, Invisalign can provide welcome discretion. Another option you can pursue to keep your care discreet is work with tooth-colored brackets. Instead of using metal, we can use a ceramic material that blends in with your surrounding enamel to make them less observable.

Reasons To Prioritize Orthodontic Work

Orthodontic treatment can have many benefits that you should not ignore. Fixing poor spacing can help people with crowding issues maintain a healthier smile. If you have difficulties with biting and chewing due to TMJ disorder, an adjustment can help you change your jaw movement for the better. You can enjoy these benefits as well as welcome changes in your appearance.

Talk To Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Treatment For Teeth That Are Too Close Together

Treating poorly spaced teeth can change your smile and oral health for the better. To learn how we can make improvements to your appearance while keeping care discreet, call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 236-7846.