When Malocclusion Causes Jaw Discomfort

man with jaw pain TMJ and orthodontics conceptThere are different reasons why people experience aches and pains linked to jaw movement. One reason is actually linked to smile alignment. If your teeth are not evenly spaced, it becomes more difficult for you to apply and release bite pressure evenly, and you can struggle to evenly distribute force among your teeth. Our Fort Worth, TX orthodontic treatment office knows that some patients need to address both TMJ disorder and their poor dental alignment. If this is the case for you, we can make treatment plans tailored to your current concerns. You can be happy to know that the orthodontic treatment options available to you include work with appliances that are effective as well as discreet.

Biting And Chewing With Uneven Teeth Can Create Oral Health Concerns

Not everyone who suffers TMJ disorder has an issue with malocclusion. However, problems with poorly aligned teeth can make it more difficult to avoid this condition. You will have a tougher time biting and chewing with even, comfortable motions if your teeth are misaligned, which means you put more strain on your joints and muscles. Over time, that strain can lead to persistent pain, joint stiffness, problems with headaches and facial discomfort, and even problems felt in your neck and shoulders! The sooner you recognize that something is wrong, the sooner you can learn about treatment options that are available to you.

We Can Provide TMJ Therapy Along With Orthodontic Services

For patients who need to address TMJ problems that are linked to poor teeth spacing, we can create a personalized care strategy to provide relief. A combination of oral splint therapy and orthodontic care can lead to cosmetic and bite movement improvements. The splint corrects the position of your jaw so that it eases tension that affects your trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for bite movement as well as sensations in your face, head, and neck. Your options for orthodontic work are varied, and include options that are discreet. Even if you do not depend on clear aligners for your improvements, you can enjoy care with tooth-colored brackets that are difficult to see.

Talk To Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Treating Malocclusion And Jaw Discomfort

Are your problems with jaw pain and poor teeth spacing linked? Malocclusion can make it harder to bite and chew—fortunately, your orthodontist can address both problems. We provide important care to the community of Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Dr. Cabal can build a personalized care strategy to help you see truly fantastic results. In addition to providing effective care, we can make treatment discreet with more conservative aligners! If you would like to find out more about our support, call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 236-7846.