Wearing Clear Aligners At The Office

adult man with clear alignerDoes the idea of starting orthodontic treatment make you uneasy? For many, corrective work has appeal, but the idea of wearing conspicuous braces that draw unwanted attention can be less than exciting. One concern you may have is that braces will make you look unprofessional, something that can hurt you in your work life. Taking this on with a discreet alternative to bracket-and-wire orthodontic appliances can help you make the changes you desire while still preserving a professional appearance! At our Fort Worth, TX orthodontic treatment office, we provide this and other appearance-friendly solutions for patients who are concerned by malocclusion but still hope to make their care discreet.

Have Concerns About The Cosmetic Impact Of Orthodontics Delayed Your Treatment?

The results of orthodontic treatment include smile improvements, better bite alignment, and even positive changes in your ability to keep teeth clean. What makes many people uneasy is the potential impact that this work will have on the way they look while they wait to complete their adjustment. Braces that depend on a system of brackets and wires to make improvements can feel conspicuous; because this care is often associated with our teenage years, people can also feel less professional when they receive them. The good news is that Invisalign provides an alternative to this approach. For those who do not qualify for care with clear aligners, we can instead recommend the use of tooth-colored brackets to help hide the appearance of your appliances.

Choosing Invisalign To Enjoy Discreet Corrective Work

By using Invisalign to correct problems with teeth that are out of alignment, you can resolve problems with the way you look without wearing conspicuous aligners. What you will use instead is a series of aligners made with a clear material. They are hard to see, and they are also surprisingly easy for you to remove on your own. What this means is that you attract less attention from your procedure while also minimizing the effect it has on your daily routine.

The Benefits Of Fixing Malocclusion

It is important to note that when you commit to orthodontics, you commit to more than just making your smile more attractive. Better alignment helps you maintain a bite function that evenly applies and releases pressure. That even movement lowers your risk for the onset of TMJ issues that can hurt your quality of life. It also helps you with the distribution of friction, so you will not unwittingly put certain teeth through excess wear and tear.

Talk To Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Invisalign Clear Aligners!

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