Prompt Fixes For Orthodontic Troubles

Woman with concerns emergency orthodontics conceptTo be successful, orthodontic treatment requires time. One reason for this is that if the movement of your teeth is rushed, your smile is more likely to return to its original state. While patience during care leads to exciting improvements, you are potentially vulnerable to problems with your appliance in the course of your correction. Fortunately, help is available if something happens to your braces! Our Fort Worth, TX orthodontic treatment office is ready to act when you experience any issues with your aligners. Correcting problems promptly during emergency orthodontic treatment will help you deal with any discomfort that you feel. It will also help prevent any delays in care, which means you do not have to wait longer to show off your lovely, straightened smile!

Can You Count On Timely Care If You Have Trouble With Your Orthodontic Appliance?

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, receiving the right kind of appliance is just one of many important aspects of the right care experience. Our practice offers different solutions for patients who have concerns about the alignment of their teeth, including appearance-friendly solutions like tooth-colored ceramic brackets. After placing your aligners, we will continue to support you with adjustments and reviews to make sure you are progressing as you should to your straightened smile.

For many, treatment will be a smooth process, but one unlucky incident can leave you with a damaged wire or bracket. You can also suffer a tooth injury that complicates your corrective work. In these and any other circumstances where your successful adjustment is compromised, our practice can provide timely emergency dental services.

Emergency Orthodontic Care Helps Prevent Troubles With Your Treatment

Our practice recognizes how the unexpected can happen, and we know an adjustment that was proceeding smoothly can be compromised by one unfortunate turn of events. If something happens that affects your appliance or your ability to proceed with care, we are ready to help on short notice. Emergency orthodontic services provide valuable and timely care. In addition to shortening the time you spend in discomfort, we can make sure you are back to enjoying your regular adjustment  If you have issues with a loose wire or any other problem that can hurt the inside of your mouth, we can offer guidance to protect yourself before you arrive for your appointment.

Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist Can Address Any Issues You Have With Your Appliance

For many, orthodontic treatment will be avoid complications, but if an injury or a problem with discomfort compromises your care, we are ready to help! Our patients can count on us to provide emergency orthodontic treatment when needed, which can resolve problems that cause discomfort and keep you on track with care. For more information, call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 236-7846.