How Misalignment Ties To Tooth Decay

Crooked Teeth Fort Worth TXWe all think about alignment as a cosmetic concern, but have you thought about the lasting health implications of an imbalanced bite? When your teeth crowd and overlap, they create areas that can be nearly impossible for you to adequately brush and floss. These spots can be prime locations for cavities. Tooth decay can become a serious issue and further decrease the quality of your smile.

Care for your whole mouth through helpful treatment from Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX. We have solutions for all smile needs, including Invisalign® as well as traditional braces with tooth-colored brackets. Let us help you to correct your alignment for both your appearance and the longevity of your smile. Fight problem tooth decay from the buildup of plaque and tartar. Help your mouth to operate at its fullest capacity and give yourself the tools you need to keep your teeth clean.

Bacteria Build Colonies Where Your Teeth Crowd

When your teeth overlap and crowd one another, there can be places that are difficult for you to adequately brush and floss. Even if you are trying your best, you might fail to protect yourself from tooth decay. Problem cavities can gradually become more severe, eventually becoming so deep that they progress through your enamel. This can lead to a painful infection of the tooth, and so it is vital to address alignment concerns before internal infection occurs.

An imbalanced smile can also lead to overuse at certain points. These areas suffer enamel erosion that can also lead to problems both cosmetically and to the lasting health of the teeth. If this erosion continues, it may also expose the vulnerable dentin beneath. This material is more porous and softer than enamel.

Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Your Smile Succeed

Depending upon your specific orthodontic needs, your care provider might suggest different methods. Traditional braces adjust your teeth through brackets on the enamel. We have tooth-colored brackets available in order to keep your treatment discreet.

Clear aligners are another way of adjusting the location of your teeth. These are nearly invisible trays that gradually shift the placement of your smile. Speak with us about all of your options and discover why alignment treatment is more accessible now than ever!

Improving Smiles In Fort Worth, TX

To schedule an appointment or to learn more, call us at Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 236-7846. The treatment of your alignment can help you to properly maintain your oral hygiene. Deep pockets and difficult areas develop as a result of overcrowding. Let yourself fully brush your teeth by placing them with proper spacing. We have multiple methods of orthodontic therapy available, so there is a solution for your specific smile needs!