How Are Jaw Pain And Poor Alignment Linked?

Man confused about jaw pain and TMJ treatmentWhen you think about how correcting gaps and overlaps between might help you, it can be hard not to focus on cosmetic benefits. After all, orthodontic treatment has helped many who wanted to smile with greater confidence. In addition to fixing specific flaws with teeth that overlap or have too much space between them, this work leads to more symmetrical appearances.

With all that said, orthodontics is not just for people who want to look more attractive. This work can also be valuable to you if you need to treat issues with poor bite alignment and movement! Our Fort Worth, TX orthodontic treatment office can help if you need to take on malocclusion as part of a plan to improve your jaw motions and relieve symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Trouble With Limited Or Painful Bite Movement Can Be A Serious Nuisance

If you experience pain when you move your jaw, find that basic biting and chewing motions are stiff or difficult, or have persistent pain and sensitivity in your face, head, and neck, you should let your dentist know. These are problems that indicate a person is experiencing TMJ disorder. This issue refers to a problem with bite alignment and movement. As long as those alignment problems remain, they will create tension and problems with limited motion that cause discomfort and lower your quality of life. While therapy to correct poor jaw movement is all that many people affected by this condition require, there are times when care should include orthodontic work. This corrects poor alignment that interferes with your ability to apply and release pressure in an even manner.

We Can Help You Understand How Orthodontic Treatment Can Address Bite Limitations

By evaluating your bite as well as your smile alignment, we can look at what it will take to fully treat your jaw pain and bite difficulties. For those who are dealing with malocclusion, we can recommend different services. Based on your needs from treatment, you may qualify for a more discreet form of care with clear aligners. For those who do require traditional metal braces, we can recommend tooth-colored brackets to limit the effect on how you look.

To make correcting poor alignment of the jaw and bite movement easier, we can recommend the use of a custom appliance that you wear during the night. Your oral splint will help you grow accustomed to keeping your jaw in a position that is comfortable, which effectively lowers tension on the joints and muscles and helps encourage better movement.

Talk To Your Fort Worth, TX Orthodontist About Orthodontic Care And Your TMJ Troubles

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