Month: January 2023

How Misalignment Ties To Tooth Decay

Crooked Teeth Fort Worth TX

We all think about alignment as a cosmetic concern, but have you thought about the lasting health implications of an imbalanced bite? When your teeth crowd and overlap, they create areas that can be nearly impossible for you to adequately brush and floss. These spots can be prime locations for cavities. Tooth decay can become… Read more »

What To Expect From Your Orthodontic Care

orthodontic treatment concept

What kind of experience should you have during orthodontic treatment? The right approach to care depends on more than just what appliance is used, although this is certainly important. You should also feel that you have support from the time of your fist evaluation through the completion of treatment. Our Fort Worth, TX orthodontic treatment… Read more »

When Malocclusion Causes Jaw Discomfort

man with jaw pain TMJ and orthodontics concept

There are different reasons why people experience aches and pains linked to jaw movement. One reason is actually linked to smile alignment. If your teeth are not evenly spaced, it becomes more difficult for you to apply and release bite pressure evenly, and you can struggle to evenly distribute force among your teeth. Our Fort… Read more »

Cosmetic Orthodontics Provide Barely Noticeable Treatment

fort worth clear aligners

You usually don’t associate orthodontics with cosmetics, but we know that teens and adults feel more comfortable when their braces are not as noticeable. To offer a cosmetic approach, we could use ceramic brackets for braces, or create clear plastic aligners. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist talks about Invisalign® and tooth-colored brackets!

How Long Will Orthodontic Treatment Take?

When you have crooked, crowded, and overlapping teeth, this could have a negative impact on your smile’s health and beauty. To address the issues, we could help children and adults alike with orthodontics. But how long does the process take? In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist talks about the time length, and how… Read more »

The Role Imaging Plays In Orthodontic Care

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How will your orthodontic adjustment help you? While some people are excited to finally close awkward gaps between their teeth, others can be eager to straighten teeth that are too close together and overlap in ways that are unflattering. Whether your care involves discreet clear aligners or traditional bracket-and-wire braces, there is important preparatory work… Read more »

Forms Of Orthodontic Care Available To You

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There are different degrees of malocclusion that patients need treated, and there are different solutions to problems with teeth spacing that our Fort Worth, TX orthodontic practice can offer! What this means for you is that you can learn about exciting alternatives to work with traditional metal braces. These other options can make it easier… Read more »

Prompt Fixes For Orthodontic Troubles

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To be successful, orthodontic treatment requires time. One reason for this is that if the movement of your teeth is rushed, your smile is more likely to return to its original state. While patience during care leads to exciting improvements, you are potentially vulnerable to problems with your appliance in the course of your correction…. Read more »

Receiving Braces With Tooth-Colored Brackets

The idea that braces will affect your appearance in noteworthy ways can make you reluctant to pursue treatment. This means more than just going without corrective work to improve your smile. Missing out on this care also means that you remain vulnerable to issues with poor bite movement and oral hygiene difficulties! Our Fort Worth,… Read more »

Wearing Clear Aligners At The Office

adult man with clear aligner

Does the idea of starting orthodontic treatment make you uneasy? For many, corrective work has appeal, but the idea of wearing conspicuous braces that draw unwanted attention can be less than exciting. One concern you may have is that braces will make you look unprofessional, something that can hurt you in your work life. Taking… Read more »