Wear Your Smile With Pride!

Blonde FWTXAlignment concerns can be a major source of self-doubt in patients of all ages. While we tend to think of traditional orthodontic remedies as common in children and teens, this issue affects millions of Americans on a daily basis. From minor annoyances to serious medical needs, these issues can take their toll on your life and your self-image.

Advancements in dental technology are allowing for more positive outcomes with less trauma to the face. The smile of your dreams is achievable in a private manner that keeps your health and comfort in mind. At Lake Country Orthodontics, our goal is to give you a beautiful new smile with the natural teeth you have. Whether through clear aligners or traditional braces, bring new comfort and functionality to your bite!

A Confidential Solution In Invisalign®

One of the largest reasons that people avoid seeking treatment in their alignment concerns is due to the intrusion of traditional braces. While both methods are effective at repositioning the teeth within the bone of the jaw, patients can feel self-conscious about their appearance over an extended period of time.

Invisalign® clear aligner tray technology gives you the freedom to continue your daily life without having to have a discussion about your treatment. Your personal care can be kept as confidential as you would like. This way, you can let your results speak for themselves!

The Clear Orthodontic Advantage

Invisalign® treatment can give you the freedom to correct the harms that accompany orthodontic concerns through a progressive set of trays. These resemble retainers or sports mouthguards but are slimmer and nearly invisible. One benefit of this method is that it does not rely upon cement connections in order to operate. Instead, the teeth are progressively shifted over time rather than pulled.

These fit precisely to your smile’s shape and size, allowing for a truly personal option. This approach can mean less discomfort during the process. In addition, the ability to remove the aligner trays for routine oral health maintenance can allow you to more easily keep your hygiene in place while improving your appearance. Speak with us today about the possibility of a more comfortable solution to your dental concern!

State-Of-The-Art Orthodontic Treatment In Fort Worth, TX

Restore your self-confidence through discreet alignment to bring symmetry to your smile. Contact Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX at (817)236-7846 today to schedule a consultation to plan your oral health path forward. Look and feel your best with clear aligners from Invisalign®, and do it all with the utmost privacy. Whether your mouth is still growing or you are looking to correct adult alignment concerns, these trays help your smile to be better than ever!