Extra Benefits Of Alignment Treatment

Teens Fort Worth TXWhen our smiles strain due to alignment concerns, an imbalance starts to develop in the mouth. Due to these shifts, you might start to chew in a particular way that is unhealthy. Dental erosion occurs when certain areas of the enamel are exposed to a disproportionate amount of wear. This material forms the tough outer coating of the tooth allowing us to bite down on food. It also serves as a shield for the less durable material underneath such as the pulp.

Alignment correction at our Fort Worth, TX practice can help to minimize this imbalance and keep your enamel intact. Overlapping teeth can also create areas that are difficult to clean with thorough brushing and flossing. These areas can be breeding grounds for harmful bacterial colonies. The enamel can suffer loss due to the acidic waste that these organisms create. Despite a strong oral health regimen at home, these areas may become dangerous when the cavity is deep enough to wear through to the more vulnerable areas within.

Alignment Can Cause Dental Erosion

Improper alignment affects the connection between the jaw. When this angle is not correct, this contact can lead to particular wear in certain areas of the smile. While this can obviously be a cosmetic concern, dental erosion can lead to significant medical consequences to the integrity of your enamel.

Our enamel is the tough outer surface of the tooth and when some form of damage wears through this vital material, infection can creep inside. If you have noticed any of your teeth lose definition or become noticeably smaller, contact your trained dental professional.

Dental erosion can occur due to a variety of sources, including the grinding of teeth. It is vital to determine the specific cause of your enamel wear. Set up a consultation to determine if an alignment treatment can help you to retain as much of your natural tooth as possible.

Overlapping And Tooth Decay

There are other ways that misalignment can lead to serious dental issues. When our teeth crowd along our oral ridge, they may start to push each other and rest where they overlap. The recesses can create areas that are difficult or impossible to properly maintain with at-home dental care.

Orthodontic treatment can help you to keep your natural enamel intact by giving you the power to appropriately clean between your teeth. Speak to your provider about your specific smile situation, as each mouth deserves a unique solution!

An Array Of Orthodontic Aid In Fort Worth, TX

Protect your smile from future enamel damage by improving your alignment. Contact Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX at (817)236-7846 today to schedule a consultation to discover your solution options. Look and feel your best with a beautiful grin!