What To Do For Orthodontic Emergencies

orthodontic emergencyWhen you have an orthodontic appliance in your mouth, there is always a slight chance something could go awry. It is completely normal to have minor issues with various components, but it is important to know how to treat them at home until you can go into your orthodontist’s office. After all, minor orthodontic emergencies don’t always happen while their office is open, so you should understand some basic home remedies for more common issues that may arise. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist discusses what you need to do during more common orthodontic emergencies.

Loose Wire Or Bracket

A loose wire is a very normal orthodontic emergency. While it is grating and can be difficult to ignore, it is easy to fix at home. If it is poking out, you can take the eraser from a pencil and push it back into place. You can also put a small piece of wax on the wire to keep it in place. If these methods don’t fix the issue, you can also take tweezers and bend the wire back into its appropriate place. If your bracket or band is loose — and still attached to the wire — wax will also work to keep it in place. If the wire happens to come out completely, wrap the bracket with a tissue until you can make it into the office. You will want to see your orthodontist as soon as possible. 

Headgear Fitting Improperly

Headgear discomfort is usually caused by improper use. If you do feel pain or discomfort, first make sure you reread the instructions you were initially provided. Doing so will likely solve the issue that is causing you pain. Make sure you keep in mind that headgear does become more comfortable over time as you wear it more, so make it a point to wear it as recommended. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the instructions you were initially provided, you can always reach out to your orthodontist.

Sore Mouth

Experiencing soreness after an orthodontic procedure is quite common. If you’ve recently received braces, there is a good chance you might feel tenderness when you bite down or chew. Your tongue, lips, and cheeks could also feel irritated by your new appliance during the initial adjustment period. While this discomfort will lessen over time, you can still rinse your mouth with warm salt water to help alleviate pain. You can also take a pain reliever to help ease any soreness, just make sure you follow the suggested instructions. If after the adjustment period, you still feel pain, please reach out to us, so we can further examine the issue.

Contact Us If You Encounter an Orthodontic Emergency

We hope these home remedies can help if you feel discomfort, but we also encourage you to reach out to us if anything does occur. Schedule an appointment by calling Lake County Orthodontics in Fort Worth at (817) 236-7846.