Cosmetic Braces For Teens And Adults

fort worth cosmetic bracesIf you or your teen have an uneven smile, with crooked or crowded teeth, then this could mean poor oral health and complications for your oral health. Braces could correct these, but few people are excited by the prospect of metal orthodontics. Which is why your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist offers a cosmetic option for teens and adults with tooth-colored brackets.

How Braces Correct Smiles

Braces are very effective for correcting major cases of misalignment. Essentially, we place brackets onto the front-facing teeth and then connect a portion of an arch wire to them with a band. As tension in the arch wire is adjusted, this begins to move the teeth into optimal positions, creating an even smile. With an even smile comes renewed confidence, improved oral health, and more. However, the metal brackets are very visible. Which is why we offer our teen and adult patients an option that is less visible!

A Cosmetic Approach

We don’t want concerns about esthetics to stand between you and your best smile. Which is why we use ceramic brackets. These will be metal-free and tooth-colored. We then connect the thin arch with clear bands. The result is a set of orthodontics that are much less visible, so you feel more confident during the treatment process. Remember, correcting misalignment not only boosts smile beauty, but lowers the risk of cavities, periodontal issues, TMJ disorder, and even chronic teeth grinding (bruxism).

Creating Ceramic Brackets

Each bracket we create has been custom-made and shaded for your smile, ensuring it blends with your smile. In fact, the same ceramic is often used by dentists to create crowns and replacement teeth, as they can look natural and offer great stability and durability. To begin, we take images with the iTero® digital scanning device. The images allow us to plan and create the finished product with precision and accuracy, so they look natural and blend with your smile. We use the same technology to create and design our Invisalign® aligners and even our TMJ appliances. If you have any questions about how we correct misalignment, or about our cosmetic approach, then let us know today. There is still time to use your 2021 dental benefits before they expire at the end of December!


We would like to help your family enjoy a straighter and healthier smile. To learn more about how we correct uneven smiles, then please call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 236-7846. Our office proudly serves patients who live in Springtown, Rome, and all surrounding communities. We would love to start you on the path toward an even and healthy smile today, so you can see stunning results in 2022!