Safeguarding Your Smile During Halloween

fort worth halloween candyHalloween is a great time to watch your favorite scary movies, dress up in costumes, and of course, enjoy the candy your family accumulated while trick or treating. But for kids and adults with braces, this could mean increasing the risk of tooth decay if you’re not careful! In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist discusses how to safeguard your smile this Halloween!

Halloween, Braces, and Cavities

We love trick or treating and want everyone in your family to have a good time this Halloween. However, be aware that when you consume a lot of sugar, this could be trapped between your teeth or in your orthodontics. This is especially true of items like taffy or caramel. When this happens, harmful oral bacteria will break down these particles, a process linked to higher levels of oral acidity and plaque buildup. Over time, these factors mean the onset of tooth decay and even gingivitis. However, we have a few tips to help safeguard your oral health!

Choosing the Right Treats

First, try to opt for items that are made of milk chocolate. Yes, it has sugar, but this is much easier to remove from your teeth and braces than chewy and sticky treats. Also, limit how much you eat each day. Try to reserve two or three pieces for after a meal, and drink a glass of water to help rinse your smile. You could also let your kids choose their favorite pieces, and then allow them to trade the rest to you for a small toy, a trip, or even a minor amount of money. This way everyone has their Halloween fun without putting smiles at such a risk.

Protecting Neighborhood Smiles

If you’re handing out candy this year, why not instead choose individually sealed packages of trail mix, nuts, or even packages of sugar-free gum? These are healthier options and less likely to be stuck in braces. In addition, you could forgo candy altogether by offering spider rings, plastic skeletons, rubber bats, and other affordable party favors that can be picked up in bulk.

Better Hygiene Routines

Be sure you and your family continue to brush in the morning and at night for two minutes, and also floss every evening. Take special care to move around your orthodontics and thoroughly clean your smile. You should also see your dentist for checkup and cleaning visits as well. Working together, we can all safeguard our smiles!


Don’t let your Halloween fun threaten your smile, take time to care for your teeth and orthodontics. To learn more about orthodontics and dental hygiene, then please call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 236-7846. Our office proudly serves patients who live in Azle, Saginaw, and all surrounding communities.