TMJ Disorder Could Be Behind Your Headache

TMJ DisorderHeadaches are caused by a variety of sources that range from dehydration to stress to changes in the weather. They can also stem from TMJ Disorder, also known as TMD. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is caused by a misalignment of the jaw joints that connect the lower jaw to your skull. These joints can become unbalanced and cause a misalignment of your bite. In today’s article, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist discusses how this disorder can be treated by orthodontic therapy.

What Are Common Symptoms?

TMD symptoms are often associated with other issues, so you could be suffering from this disorder without knowing it. Headaches, earaches, and jaw aches are all signs of misalignment. Additionally, difficulty chewing and persistent jaw popping are indicators. TMJ disorder is also closely connected to teeth grinding — or bruxism. If you have been suffering from any of these symptoms and haven’t found the root cause, you could very well be suffering from jaw misalignment. If this is the case, you should reach out to your orthodontist, so they can conduct an examination to see if you have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. If you do, they will recommend the appropriate treatment based on its severity.

Why Is It So Painful?

It often hurts so badly because the joints affected by TMD are surrounded by a huge network of nerves. Moreover, these specific joints are responsible for facilitating talking and eating — two actions that you can’t exactly stop. Because of this, your misaligned jaw is always moving, causing more pain. Additionally, the pain can extend to other places, including your shoulders, lower back, and teeth. You shouldn’t keep suffering because you haven’t yet identified the cause, so make sure you contact your orthodontist as soon as possible. 

How Can Orthodontics Treat it?

If your orthodontist determines that TMJ therapy is the best course of action, they will take images using the latest technology and create a thorough impression of your mouth to know exactly what is going on. After this, they will create an appliance specifically for your jaw. This will likely be an oral splint that allows your affected jaw joints to heal and reposition properly. Not only does this therapy relieve pain, but it can also prevent other serious issues that could occur in the future.

Do You Have Questions About TMJ Disorder?

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