What Does Misalignment Mean For Your Smile?

fort worth misalignment treatment optionsWhen you have uneven teeth, such as crooked ones, crowding, or overlapping teeth, this could mean you feel uneasy about your smile’s appearance. In addition, this could also mean trouble for your oral health too! In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist will explain why you benefit from orthodontic care, and discuss possible solutions.

The Factors Behind Your Uneven Teeth

Often, these issues start very early in childhood. For example, complications with the growth and develop of the jaw and oral structures could impact how your teeth erupt, and how well they line up in your smile. This could be further complicated by issues like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. If baby teeth don’t fall out on schedule or become lost early due to decay or infection, this could impact how the permanent teeth arrive, leading to misalignment. In adulthood, injury or tooth loss could also alter the alignment of your smile.

Problems for Health, Beauty, and Function

Obviously, poor alignment alters the appearance of your smile, and could make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. But did you know this could also impact the health and function too? Uneven teeth provide places for food particles to become trapped, that you could fail to remove when you brush and floss. This increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. The pressure on the smile from misalignment could also make the onset of TMJ disorder and bruxism (chronic teeth grinding) more likely too, causing headaches, jaw pain, and damaged teeth. Poor alignment is also linked to issues eating and speaking without difficulty or discomfort.

Starting Orthodontic Treatment

We can start treatment as young as age seven for children with misalignment, and we of course offer care for teens and adults too. At each stage of life, we’re ready to help guide the growth of your smile and correct the position of your teeth. With advanced technology we can even cut treatment times in half for some patients! For kids, we have retainers, teeth spacers, and more. Teens and adults often benefit from our braces with tooth-colored brackets or our clear Invisalign® aligners. If you have any questions about how we treat uneven teeth, or if you’re concerned about your oral health, then please contact our team today to learn more about our treatment options!


Our team understands the benefits of having an even smile and want to help you achieve better oral health. To learn more about how we fix minor or severe dental misalignment, then please call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 236-7846. Our office proudly serves patients who live in Haslet, Azle, and all surrounding communities.