When Can I Take Out My Aligners?

fort worth removeable invisalignInvisalign® is often preferred because the aligners are clear and fit comfortably. But another major benefit is the fact that they can be taken out before meals or special occasions. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist will explain when they can be taken out, and how to ensure you obtain optimal results in the original time frame.

The Invisalign® System

Let’s talk about the Invisalign® system and how it works. Basically, we start by examining your smile with digital scanning technology and digital x-rays to identify the cause and assess the extent of your misalignment. We then use the iTero® scanning system to obtain digital images of the teeth, which we combine to create a 3D model. The model enables a series of aligners to be designed and crafted in a lab setting.

Treatment means wearing a set for about two weeks at a time, 20 to 22 hours each day. Every two weeks, you move on to the next in the series as your smile is gradually and gently corrected. For adults, optimal results could be available in as little as a year, and teens may need up to 18 months, which is still shorter than the time braces require!

Removing Your Aligners

With metal braces, you have the be aware of what you eat, as certain items could become trapped in your orthodontics and cling to the teeth, increasing cavity risk and causing embarrassment when you smile. However, with aligners you simply take out your orthodontics before each meal, and return them to your mouth afterward. You could even floss and rinse with water before putting them back in to safeguard oral health!

Braces could make brushing and flossing difficult, as thoroughly cleaning your teeth means working your toothbrush and floss around metal brackets and wires. But what if you could take them out when you clean your smile? Brushing and flossing is easier, and you lower the risks of issues like teeth stains, bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. You could also remove them before special occasions, such as a graduation, first date, or job interview. However, just make sure you continue to wear them for the amount of time the orthodontist recommended, so you can enjoy optimal results in the original time frame discussed. If you have any questions about clear aligners and removable braces, then contact our team today to learn more!


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