What Makes Invisalign® Aligners Fit Comfortably?

Invisalign alignersWith Invisalign®, we opt for clear plastic aligners to correct alignment in lieu of metal braces. One benefit is the fact that the aligners fit so comfortably as they shift your teeth. But how do we ensure they fit and provide optimal treatment for minor and severe cases of misalignment? In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist explains how we create them with iTero® technology.

The Aligner System

With aligners, we don’t need to employ metal brackets or wires to begin shifting teeth into optimal positions. Instead, patients will wear a series of aligners created from a BPA-free acrylic material. These will fit snugly over the teeth and be barley noticeable to others when worn. Each set is worn daily, usually between 20 and 23 hours, for about two weeks. Then the patient upgrades to the next in the series. The total treatment time varies of course, but on average teens wear them for 18 months and adults for about a year.

Crafting Custom Orthodontics

They fit comfortably, and help people avoid the discomfort in the gums and cheeks often report with metal orthodontics. To ensure they fit comfortably and gently move the teeth into their proper positions, we will custom-make each set. We start by using the iTero® system. We take detailed digital images of the smile with a small camera at the end of a thin wand. We then combine them to create a 3D model. This replaces the need for people biting down on molds to create impressions, and provides results with greater precision and accuracy. We next use the images we take to create perfectly fitting aligners. We also use them to create retainers and TMJ therapy appliances too.

Other Benefits

Along with a comfortable fit and near-invisible appearance, they also require less time to correct misalignment. They can be removed before meals or prior to brushing and flossing your teeth, making eating and caring for your smile much simpler. You also require fewer office visits too! If you have any questions about correcting misalignment, or whether Invisalign® is the right choice for your smile, then contact our team today. We want to help people in our community, from kids and teens to adults and seniors, obtain improved oral health and straighter smiles. Be sure to give us a call, especially since you can use your 2020 dental insurance benefits and health savings account funds before they expire!


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