How Do I Know If My Teen Needs Braces or Aligners?

Charming pleasant looking female in stylish denim dungaree and spectacles, listens carefully to somebody`s point of view, expresses positiveness, stands against pink background with copy spaceWhen children grow and their smiles are developing, there are a myriad of circumstances that can influence their development. Indeed, misaligned or uneven teeth may not initially appear to be a problem, however, they could result in cosmetic issues as well as functional issues and impact your teenager’s bite. Fortunately, your Fort Worth, TX dentist at Lake Country Orthodontics can work with you to determine the best dental solution for your teen’s uneven or misaligned grin.

When to Seek Alignment

Minor crookedness may not bother your teen, and if they are not experiencing any impact from them or lack of satisfaction with the appearance, then there may not be a need to address it. In some circumstances, however, crooked or misaligned teeth can actually cause problems such as speech issues or health concerns and may require correction to preserve your youth’s beautiful grin. But what causes this?

When a child’s smile is developing, many factors can contribute to crooked teeth. For example, thumb sucking, pacifier or bottle use, and mouth breathing are all contributing factors to an uneven development of a smile. If your teen has difficulty with enunciation or another speech impediment, or if the orientation of oral structures causes poor hygiene or other difficulties, it may be time to consider alignment treatment.

Which Option Is Best for My Teen?

Clear aligners are a plastic form of dental brace used to adjust teeth. They can be effective for moderate front tooth crowding, and provide a method of correcting smiles in a way that cannot be detected from a distance. Braces, on the other hand, work in a similar way in that they aim to readjust and straighten teeth, however, they are often used for more complicated or difficult dental situations. They help to reposition teeth in regard to a person’s bite, and are often used to correct underbites, overbites, and various other problems. They utilize force and pressure on the teeth to encourage growth in a straight manner. For more information about either method, contact our office today.

An Effective and Efficient Process

Our team takes the time to not only get to know you, our patient, and your specific dental needs, but we work with you as well to determine the best possible solution for you. We offer complimentary consultations in order to properly assess the situation, and we welcome you to reach out to us to learn your options today.

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