Improving Smiles With Advanced Technology

advanced orthodontic technologyBy addressing poor alignment, we help kids, teens, and adults in the Fort Worth, TX, community enjoy better oral health and a more attractive smile. To ensure we offer treatment with accuracy and precision, we use advanced technology throughout the process. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how these technologies help people enjoy better smiles.

Correcting Misalignment

For children, we may reduce the severity of misalignment and start guiding the growth of the jaw and smile with oral appliances, such as retainers. We could also employ teeth spacers. As our patients grow older, we move on to braces in the teen years. With braces, we attach brackets to the front-facing sides of the teeth and connect them with an arch wire, a band will then attach the wire and brackets together. We adjust tension in the wire to begin moving the teeth. To help limit the appearance of the braces, we will create the brackets from a lifelike ceramic material. We also have clear Invisalign® aligners for teens and adults. Each set in the series gradually moves the teeth and after a year, patients could obtain an even and beautiful smile using barely visible orthodontics!

iTero® Digital Scanning

With iTero® digital imaging, we use a small camera at the end of a thin wand to gather a series of detailed images of your smile. We combine these images to create a 3D model of your smile. The model enables our team to design orthodontics and appliances with accuracy and precision. In addition to fixing misalignment, we also use this technology to create TMJ appliances.


Using computerized tomography technology, we can help diagnose the cause and extent of your misalignment to better plan the treatment process and choose the right solutions. Since the field of vision can be customized, we can look at your smile as a whole or target specific areas, obtaining clear and detailed images.


With Propel®, we employ advanced technology to help reduce the amount of time you will need to wear your orthodontics. Most of the time, results take between a year and two since the jaw and periodontal tissues must reform around the teeth’s new positions to keep them in place. The Propel® system uses a small appliance worn for five minutes a day to stimulate the growth of jawbone and periodontal tissues around the teeth, reducing the amount of time people will need treatment.


With advanced technology, our team is ready to help you obtain a more even and healthy smile. To learn more about how we help people of all ages enjoy optimal oral health, then please call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 236-7846. Our office proudly serves patients who live in Springtown, Rome, and all surrounding communities.