What Is TMJ Therapy?

TMJ disorder, sometimes referred to as TMD, occurs when our jaw joints undergo excessive strain. Unless treated, this could lead to problems opening and closing your mouth, and a host of uncomfortable symptoms. Your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist can offer a solution with TMJ therapy, an oral appliance that fits like a mouthguard.

The Causes and Risks of TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joints connect your jaw and skull. Without them, the movements needed to eat and speak would be impossible. Which means when these joints are under intense pressure, the kind that leads to TMJ disorder, problems opening and closing the mouth, and a host of uncomfortable symptoms, could develop as well. The causes range from tooth loss and bite imbalance to misalignment and injury to the face or jaw. Teeth grinding could be a factor as well. Symptoms include popping or clicking in the jaw, headaches and migraines, aches in the neck and shoulders, and jaw and facial pain. If you encounter one or more of these possible warning signs, then please let our team know right away.

Treatment with TMJ Therapy

Using digital technology, we will carefully examine your teeth, jaw joints, and oral structures to identify the presence of TMD. Once we discover this, we can discuss the proper treatment options. For some, we may need to correct misalignment, which we can do with braces or possibly even clear Invisalign® aligners. For others, a specific appliance will be prescribed to help target and address the strain behind your TMD.

Creating Your Appliance

Using the iTero® system, we will take a series of digital images with a camera at the end of a small wand. The images can be used to create a 3D model, allowing us to design an appliance with accuracy and precision. Once complete, your new appliance will be worn as you sleep and will fit much like a mouthguard. However, the device actually repositions your jaw to ease strain and help prevent further discomfort due to TMD. If you grind your teeth, this can also help prevent these episodes, while also providing a barrier between upper and lower teeth to avoid further damage. If you have any questions about treating TMJ disorder, or if you think you could benefit from a consultation and diagnosis, then contact our team today to start the process. We would love to help you enjoy a healthier smile!


We would like to help you enjoy a healthier and more comfortable smile by addressing TMJ disorder and easing strain on your jaw joints. To schedule your consultation and learn more, then please call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 236-7846. Our office proudly serves patients who live in White Settlement, North Fort Worth, and all surrounding communities.