Month: February 2020

Can Teens Wear Discreet Orthodontics?

When people think about orthodontics, they often picture unsightly metal braces. For this reason, many teens in Fort Worth, TX, feel hesitant to start treatment and correct their crooked and crowded smiles. Fortunately, we can offer discreet options, such as tooth-colored brackets and even clear aligners to provide a less noticeable treatment!

Improving Tooth Alignment For Little Smiles

Often, addressing poor alignment in our early years limits how long we’ll need braces in our teen and adult years. Correcting misalignment also helps address issues with facial structure and airway obstruction as your child grows. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist talks about children’s orthodontics and the steps we take to ensure… Read more »

Precision And Accuracy With iTero® Digital Scanning

We often use unique appliances to correct misalignment and to even address oral health problems, such as TMJ disorder. But how do we ensure these appliances fit comfortably and offer treatment with precision and accuracy? To accomplish this, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist may employ advanced digital scanning with the iTero® system.

Community Events Happening In Fort Worth This Weekend

There are plenty of fun and interesting events taking place in Fort Worth, TX, this weekend. In today’s blog, your dentist is looking at four events, from a home and garden show to a fun scavenger hunt event. If you would like to attend future events with an even smile, then you may consider talking… Read more »

How Do I Respond To An Orthodontic Emergency?

When should you schedule a visit with your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist for emergency treatment? In today’s blog, we’re looking at what you can do in response to common orthodontic emergencies, such as loose bands or braces. In today’s blog, find out when you should see us and learn more about the dangers of not… Read more »

What Is TMJ Therapy?

TMJ disorder, sometimes referred to as TMD, occurs when our jaw joints undergo excessive strain. Unless treated, this could lead to problems opening and closing your mouth, and a host of uncomfortable symptoms. Your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist can offer a solution with TMJ therapy, an oral appliance that fits like a mouthguard.

Upcoming Events In Your Fort Worth Community

Have you made any big plans for the weekend? If not, we can definitely help! Every now and then we dedicate one of our blogs to events happening in our city. Let’s look at four Fort Worth, TX, events you and your family can enjoy. If you would like to enjoy these events or ones… Read more »

Ceramic Brackets Help Braces Match Your Smile

When you have misalignment, your oral health could start to suffer, and you may feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your smile. To correct this, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist offers braces, which correct the position of the teeth for teens and adults. In order to reduce the visibility of these orthodontics, we may use… Read more »

Fixing Uneven Teeth With Invisalign®

Do you have uneven teeth? No one enjoys poor alignment, and this could lead to problems for your overall oral health too. In order to help teens and adults in Fort Worth, TX, our team may recommend clear braces with the Invisalign® system. In today’s blog, let’s learn how we correct misalignment with removable, barely… Read more »

February Community Events In Fort Worth, TX

Looking for winter fun in Fort Worth, TX? Despite the chill in the air, there is always something fun to see and do in the city. In today’s blog, we’re looking at four events happening this weekend. We would also like to remind residents that we can provide orthodontic treatment to improve smile beauty, so… Read more »