What Happens When My Braces Break?

If you have misalignment, then we may correct your smile with braces, aligners or retainers. But what happens when your orthodontics become damaged? Seeking repair from your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist is vital, as even minor damage could have major impacts on your treatment. Let’s look at how we address orthodontic emergencies in today’s blog.

Don’t Ignore an Orthodontic Emergency

Remember, when your braces, headgear, or aligners become damaged, then they can no longer function properly and continue your treatment as needed. This leads to complications in the process and could actually slow treatment down or cause teeth to return to their previous positions. Also let us know when you encounter broken orthodontics, as we can often repair them or replace them and allow you to continue your journey to a more attractive and healthy smile. The sooner we know, the better.

Repairing Your Braces

If a wire comes loose, use a pencil eraser to push it down and away from your gums and cheeks. You can also coat them with wax until you can see us for repair. If a band comes loose, use wax to keep it in place until we can re-attach. If it comes detached completely, wrap it in a tissue and place it in a small container. Bring it with you when you see our team. If an aligner, retainer, or headgear becomes broken, also let us know as soon as possible. Don’t let interruptions to your treatment lead to issues with your smile’ alignment and health!

Protecting Your Smile

What can be done to avoid damage? When playing sports, wear a mouthguard instead of your aligners, as they can protect your teeth from injury and also prevent cracked appliances. Take care when playing sports if you have braces as well, not only could you damage them, but you also injure your cheeks and gums. Try to avoid chewing on objects like pens and pencils, or hard foods like ice or popcorn kernels. Just as these issues could damage teeth, they could have a negative impact on your braces and appliances too. If you have any questions about avoiding orthodontic emergencies, or seeing us for treatment, then contact our team today to learn more. We’re always here to address concerns and help you continue your treatments.

Do You Have Questions About Orthodontic Emergencies?

Our team can address emergency situations and ensure you continue to enjoy a comfortable treatment process. To schedule your consultation and learn more about our treatment options and orthodontic appliances, including Invisalign and tooth-colored brackets, then please call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 236-7846. Our office proudly serves patients who live in White Settlement, North Fort Worth, and all surrounding communities.