A Cosmetic Solution With Invisalign®

When you think about orthodontics, you rarely think about cosmetic treatments that blend with your smile. However, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist actually offers a unique treatment option to correct misalignment and remain practically invisible throughout the treatment process. Learn more about the Invisalign® system in our latest blog.

Cosmetic Orthodontics

Poor alignment in all ages has been linked to a greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease, as well as jaw joint strain, headaches, jaw pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Correcting this issue helps preserve your smile’s health and improve the visual aspects as well. To begin, we will take detailed images with digital x-rays and scanning technology, allowing us to assess the causes and severity of your poor alignment. From there, we can decide which treatment option is best and create your orthodontics.

The Invisalign® Process

If we choose Invisalign®, then we can take detailed images using digital technology, combining these images to create a 3D model of your smile. From there, your team can create a series of aligners from a clear and comfortable plastic material. Each set is worn daily for between 20 and 22 hours, with a new set worn every two weeks or so. Over time, this begins to reposition the teeth and correct smile alignment. If you do have misalignment too severe for aligners, then we can create ceramic brackets that minimize the appearance of your braces, so no matter what we can help you enjoy a more cosmetic approach to orthodontic care.

Treatment for Teens

Treatment with clear aligners isn’t just for adults, we can help younger people enjoy more even smiles as well. For adults, total treatment time takes about a year. Teens may need up to 18 months, as their smiles are still growing and developing. You will enjoy fewer office visits and the aligners can be removed before you eat, so no need to worry about food becoming trapped in your orthodontics. Being removable also means an easier time caring for your smile from home, as you no longer need to brush and floss around metal orthodontics. If you would like to learn more about our clear aligners, then contact our team today. We will perform a detailed exam to see if they’re right for you and help you on the road toward a straighter and healthier smile!


Do you have crooked or crowded teeth? Then don’t let poor alignment continue to harm your smile’s health and appearance. To schedule your consultation and discuss the benefits of the Invisalign® clear braces system, then please call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 236-7846. Our office proudly serves patients who live in Azle, Saginaw, and all surrounding communities.