Clarifying a Few Myths About Tooth Misalignment

Unless you are already undergoing orthodontic treatment (and even if you are), you may have a few misconceptions about crooked teeth and the roles of orthodontic treatment. For example, some people believe teeth only become misaligned in childhood, or that the problems are associated with crooked teeth are merely cosmetic (meaning they only affect your smile’s appearance). At our Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist’s office, we want patients to know all they can about their oral health so that they’re better prepared to preserve it. That includes clarifying some of the most common myths about the importance of crooked teeth.

Myth: Crooked teeth are a cosmetic concern

The most obvious effect of crooked teeth is the way they make your smile look. When your teeth aren’t aligned properly, your entire smile can seem off-balance and impact your confidence in its appearance. However, appearances aren’t the only thing that tooth misalignment affects. The way your bite functions can also be impacted, as crooked teeth don’t meet each other evenly when you bite and chew. Crooked teeth can also affect your good hygiene, as they’re harder to keep clean of harmful oral bacteria and plaque. This increases your risks of developing chronic bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, and more.

Myth: Crooked teeth only affect children

Orthodontic treatment to correct crooked teeth is often prescribed to children. If their teeth are developing out of proper alignment, then correcting them early can help children avoid more serious misalignment issues in the future, after they’re teeth and oral structures have already fully developed. However, crooked teeth can also develop in adulthood for several different reasons, such as the pressure from teeth grinding, one or more lost teeth, and more. Even if you’ve never needed orthodontic treatment before, you may need to address the alignment of your teeth as an adult.

Myth: Only orthodontic braces can fix crooked teeth

If you do have crooked teeth, then you may believe that traditional, metal orthodontic braces are your only option for correcting them. Yet, advanced orthodontic treatment involves much more than just traditional braces. For example, you may opt for tooth-colored brackets or other cosmetic orthodontic options that help you maintain your smile’s natural appearance. Or, you may benefit from Invisalign® clear aligners, which are designed for optimal discretion and convenience for adult and teen patients.

Learn more about crooked teeth and orthodontics

There are many different misconceptions about crooked teeth and orthodontic treatment, and our goal is to help clarify them so you understand your oral health better. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 236-7846.