Will Your Child Benefit From Interceptive Orthodontics?

As children grow and develop, their smiles may encounter issues with alignment, including crooked or crowded teeth. As they grow older, these issues with poor alignment could lead to discomfort and poor oral health. In order to help little ones in Fort Worth, TX, we may prescribe interceptive orthodontics. When does a child need to undergo treatment for misalignment?

The Causes of Misalignment

The factors behind dental misalignment vary. For example, there may be complications with the growth and development of the jaw and teeth, which may not provide enough room or cause teeth to arrive crooked. If your child sucks his or her thumb, this could also cause teeth to erupt unevenly. We suggest bringing your little one in for an orthodontic exam at around age seven. We can then examine the teeth to assess the risk or presence of misalignment, recommending treatment before the problem grows more severe.

The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

When we treat alignment issues in the early stages, we limit how long children will need to wear braces or aligners in their teen and adult years. Our interceptive orthodontics help adjust the alignment of the teeth, as well as the growth and development of the jaw and oral structures. In general, correcting misalignment has been linked to a lower risk of tooth decay and gum disease, as misalignment often makes thorough brushing and flossing difficult. The pressure poor alignment places on the jaw joints could also make the onset of TMJ disorder and bruxism, and the resulting headaches, jaw pain, and dental damage, more likely. Finally, addressing crooked or crowded teeth means a more attractive smile, which help your children enjoy improved confidence.

Interceptive Solutions

Interceptive orthodontics should be started prior to the arrival of all of your child’s permanent teeth. Early treatment helps improve the alignment of the current teeth, which in turn guides the permanent ones in place and reduces the overall severity of dental misalignment. We may offer both fixed or removable orthodontics, such as retainers, braces, aligners, or teeth spacers. The aligners and appliances will be created using digital technology, which ensures a comfortable fit and precise treatment. If you have any questions about treating poor alignment, or if you have questions about our treatment options, then please contact our team today. We would be happy to see you and your family for consultations as well!

Does Your Child Need Smile Correction?

If your little one needs treatment to improve the alignment of the smile, then contact our team today. To schedule your consultation and learn more about our children’s orthodontics, then please call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 236-7846. Our office proudly serves patients who live in White Settlement, North Fort Worth, Springtown, and all surrounding communities.